Outdoor lighting has the potential to transform your backyard as soon as the sun goes down.  If you’re looking for a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.  It’s always a good idea to start with a lighting plan before jumping right in.  We’ve put together a list of different outdoor lighting ideas to help you find the best lights for your yard.

1. Torch Lights

Nothing says outdoor oasis like some gorgeous torch lighting.  With plenty of options available, you can find torches that’ll transform your backyard into the ultimate getaway.  However, if you’re looking for a heavy duty option, you’re going to want to plan out all of the utilities well in advance to ensure your torch lights are installed safely.  Adequate gas pressure, stability, and torch height are all important considerations.

1Image: americangaslamp.com

2. Solar Landscape Lights

Typically used to illuminate pathways and garden features, this small but effective lighting solution is perfect for making an energy efficient impact.  This type of lighting is a great way to showcase plants, trees, and flowers without competing for attention.  If your garden gets lots of sun, solar landscape lighting are an easy way to make it shine all night long.shutterstock_139827442

Image: shutterstock.com

3. Christmas Lights

Who says Christmas lights should only be used in December?  Whether they’re strung horizontally over an open deck or patio, or hung vertically from a beam of a pergola, Christmas lights can make an awesome impact all year round.

shutterstock_72658555Image: shutterstock.com

4. Embedded Deck Lights

Embedded deck lights are most often used to cast light on steps and walkways, however, they can also illuminate railings and posts.  A balance of beauty and function, embedded deck lights will keep stairs and other areas of the deck well lit to help prevent trips and falls while also showing off one of your yard’s best features.Untitled

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5. Pendant Lights

This summer, I’ve seen plenty of pergolas popping up in my neighborhood.  And the structures not only provide a little shade, they’re perfect for some statement-making lighting.  If you’ve got a covered patio, you may want to pump it up a little by hanging a pendant light over your outdoor table.  These lights also look great above a door in an arched entryway.3

Image: formplusfunction.com

6. Post Lights

Post lights provide added decor during the day, and plenty of drama at night - often illuminating driveway entrances, pools, and areas of the backyard that are used for entertaining.  The perfect centerpiece to a well-placed garden bed, post lights make a strong style statement and add a little height to your landscape design.4