There are many ways you can update a room, but often those techniques involve buying new stuff – and that can be expensive.  However, one of this year’s biggest trends is something that anyone (really, anyone!) can do themselves with a little creativity and a small can of paint.  Interested?  You should be.

Paint-dipped accessories are an easy DIY project that completed in an afternoon, or even a few hours, depending on the size of what you’re painting.  Once complete, those accessories will have a totally new look that’s right on trend.  Click ‘Next’ for some inspiration on how you can include paint-dipped accessories in your home.

Paint-Dipped Chairs

Update the look of your kitchen by using the paint-dipped technique on your existing kitchen chairs.  Paint them all the same color, or incorporate some different hues into your décor by using a different shade for each chair.


Paint-Dipped Desk

Who says you need to use a bright color for dipping?  This sleek desk keeps its sophistication with a neutral paint-dip on the legs.  The natural color updates the piece without taking away from the original appeal.


Paint-Dipped Mugs

Update your cupboards by painting some plain mugs from the dollar store.  For this project, keep in mind that you’ll need special ceramic paint from a craft store so that you’ll be able to wash them regularly.  Before you start, clean your mugs according to the directions on your paint, and allow mugs to fully dry and cure as required.  Some paints are even top-rack dishwasher safe!  For more details, check out this fab tutorial from The Merry Thought.


Paint-Dipped Spoons

If your spoons have a little shine to them, you’ll want to do some light sanding before you start to ensure the paint will go on nicely.  We’d recommend using a non toxic craft paint, and adding a coat of non-toxic shellac to protect your work.  Of course, if you plan on using these spoons regularly, it’s a good idea to keep your painted area to a position that’s far from where it will come into contact with food on a regular basis.  See Little Bit Funky for details.


Paint-Dipped Stools

Add some personality to some plain stools using the paint-dipping technique.  In this case, they chose to paint the top of the stools, but you could also choose to add color just to the bottom of the legs as well for a more subtle look that’s still right on trend.


Paint-Dipped Vases

Update a plain vase by adding a new coat of paint.  We love the combination of the white vase and metallic paint dip, as it’s a trendy look that is still neutral enough to fit into any décor.  In fact, metallic accents are another big home decorating trend!


With the exception of anything that you’d be putting in the dishwasher, these paint-dipped projects can be completed using the same method.  Simply select your paint color, use painter’s tape to separate the ‘dip’ from the rest of the piece, and paint!  Usually two coats will get you the designer look you’re hoping for, without breaking your budget.