We all love our animals and want to make them as much a part of the family as possible. Some home owners have gone the extra mile and incorporated features into their décor and furniture to really make their pets feel at home. Here are some unique pads for your pets:

Doggy Nooks

Our furry friends love nothing more than having a safe and cozy space to call their own. A perfect place to create a nurturing nook is in the space under the stairs. You can create a doggy den paradise by carving out part of this often-unused space. Involve your pooches in the very heart of family life by using their crates as a TV stand. If you have the space then why not turn a whole room into a doggy nook? Nooks can be cleverly incorporated into many existing pieces of furniture such as bookcases and coffee tables.Doggy Nooks


Purpose-built Chicken Coop

Chicken coops are not very attractive and if you want something that is both aesthetically pleasing and great for your feathered friends then you can design and build your own. Making sure the coop is ventilated and giving the chickens lots of space on different levels means they won’t get overcrowded and bully one another. Some chicken keepers like to make walk-in coops which are easy to enter and clean and offer both shade and sunny spots.Purpose-built Chicken Coop


Many homes are including a catio as part of their family living space. If you’ve not heard of these, a catio is an area outside, like a ‘cat patio’ which is enclosed for safety. It’s a great way for your feline friends to enjoy the fresh air while keeping your cats and local birds safe from harm! There are tons of designs to suit every kind of home, from a small window box size to a luxury enclosure with space for human seating too.Catio


Kitchen Feeding Stations

Sick of mucky food bowls spilling and getting knocked over on the kitchen floor? A fabulous design idea is to include the bowls into the base of a recessed kitchen unit. Not only is an ideal space saving design but keeps food and water off the floor and there’s nothing to trip over either. It’s a lovely way to include your canine companion in busy family kitchen life too. Alternatively, modify a pull out drawer to turn into a feeding station.Kitchen Feeding Stations


Pet Portholes

Does your pooch get frustrated when he can’t see what’s going on over the garden fence? A great way to prevent barking and jumping is to install clever portholes in the fence so your pets can do a spot of people watching just as we enjoy it sometimes! The Pet Peek for fences takes care of your dog’s social needs.Pet Portholes


Bespoke Cat Tree

Let’s face it, traditional cat trees can be ugly so many proud pet owners are designing their own much to the delight their feline friends. It’s important to create a space where cats can feel secure but their furniture doesn’t take over the house. Some clever owners are taking branches and wooden boxes, varnishing them and then creating amazing climbing opportunities and hidey holes for their cats.Bespoke Cat Tree

Grooming Room

For super posh pads, some dog owners have dedicated rooms just for their pooch’s pampering. Rather than get mucky paw prints all over the carpet, having a shower room just for the dogs is a great idea if you have the space for it and can accommodate it next to an entry door. You can save space and double it up as your laundry room as well as the mudroom. Just try not to mix the two on the same day!Grooming Room


Cat Tunnel Sofa

Instead of trying to incorporate lots of play toys, why not make your furniture the playground? The play tunnel here runs along both arms and around the back of the sofa to form a headrest for us humans. The designer has attempted to create a flow between the lives of owners and their pets, living in harmony but using the furniture in different ways.Cat Tunnel Sofa


Cats love to be up high, looking down on what’s going on. Clever catwalk designs can be included in any room. If you have exposed beams, think about placing glass between them. Not only will you not have to worry about them falling but you’ll get some cute views of squishy bellies and paw pads as they snooze above your heads! Interesting and fun catwalk designs also work well on the wall next to the stairs.Catwalk


Celebrity-style Dog House

Celebrities are known to shower their pets with extravagance and excess and none more so than Paris Hilton’s spoilt pooch. Her pet has its very own home styled on Paris’ Beverley Hills home. It’s 28 square meters of pure luxury, assisted by Hilton’s very own interior designer and includes air conditioning, a balcony, chandeliers and a wardrobe complete with various doggy outfits.



Pipeline Fish Tank

The pampered fish in this home get much more space than their buddies in a normal tank. A pipeline connects two tanks, which runs up and over the room. The science behind it involves some kind of air pump and vacuum method but never mind that. It makes a fantastic feature and makes life a little more exciting for the fab fish to get to live there.Pipeline Fish Tank

Cat Friendly Bookshelf

The smart design of this modular bookshelf means your cat can get to the highest spots without dislodging all your books in the process! The bookshelf features a clever almost hidden staircase which is unpainted or oiled so precious paws don’t find it slippery. It’s another genius way of making our furniture dual purpose, pet-friendly and space saving too.Cat Friendly Bookshelf