Bookshelves are a great way to store all of your books in one place and keep them in good condition. However they can be quite expensive, and some of them are very plain looking. To solve this problem we have gathered 15 DIY ideas for bookshelves that you can make yourself at a fraction of the cost.

1. Rope Bridge Bookshelf

Give your books a relaxing home with this fun rope bridge bookshelf. You will need a large plank of wood you can cut into pieces so you can create steps for your bridge. Then drill holes through all of the pieces and feed paracord through them while placing steel washers between the wood to act as spacers. All you need to do now is attach the brackets and install the shelf onto a wall.

rope bridge bookshelfFind out how: instructables

2. Ladder Bookshelf

If you have an old wooden ladder you no longer use, try turning it into a quirky antique looking bookshelf. As ladders are quite long it's perfect if you own a lot of books. To make it lay the ladder horizontally and place brackets on it so that it can be screwed onto the wall. Once the ladder is in place, start placing your books on the shelf.

ladder bookshelfFind out how: dandelionexpress

3. Skateboard Bookshelf

These cool bookshelves are perfect for any skateboard fans, as each shelf is made from one skateboard. You can usually buy cheap skateboards from a store, or you could ask friends or family if they have any old skateboards you could upcycle for this project. To attach the skateboards to the wall you will need to screw L brackets onto the wall. You can choose to rest the skateboards on top of the L brackets, or if you want to secure it all onto the wall, you can screw the brackets directly into the bottom of each skateboard.

skateboard bookshelfFind out how: thecraftedsparrow

4. Floating Bookshelf

Add some modern decor to your room with a floating bookshelf. It only takes approximately 20 minutes and is great if you only have a small budget. You will need a book to act as the shelf, so buy some cheap ones from a thrift store or visit the sale section in bookshops. Attach L brackets to the book and then choose a place for your floating shelf to go. Once you've found a suitable location just screw it into wall and stack your books on top.

floating shelvesFind out how: thetinylife

5. Upside Down Bookshelf

Create an optical illusion with this amazing upside down bookshelf. The shelf hangs the books from the bottom rather than supporting them underneath. To make this shelf you will need wood, brackets, elastic webbing and a staple gun. The elastic webbing is used to hold the books, so you need to measure it to ensure it is the right length to secure all of your books to the shelf. Afterwards test out your shelf by placing books into the elastic straps. Once you are happy with it, attach the wood to the wall with brackets and marvel at your creation.

upside down bookshelfFind out how: instructables

6. Wooden Pallet Bookshelf

A wooden bookshelf can be expensive, so a cheap alternative is to build one out of wooden pallets. You can easily get hold of wooden pallets from DIY stores, and then cut them to size for your bookshelf. Once you know how many shelves you want, you can start to easily assemble the structure of it by nailing together the pallets. It will be time consuming compared to some of the other DIY bookshelf projects, but you will be left with a sturdy bookshelf that will last for ages.

wood pallet bookshelfFind out how: 99pallets

7. Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

This is one of the most expensive and time consuming DIY bookshelf ideas, but it looks very impressive when it is finished. You can completely customize this style of bookshelf to accommodate all of your books, by choosing the height, width and depth of your shelves. The pipes can also be dissembled and adapted so you can easily move the shelf from one room to another, or even take the pipe bookshelf with you if you move house.

pipe bookshelfFind out how: homemademodern

8. Wallpapered Bookshelf

If you already own a bookshelf, instead of trying to construct a brand new one, you could give your current shelf a makeover. Paint primer all over your bookshelf and then proceed to cover it in the paint color of your choice. To get a decent coverage on your bookshelf, paint three coats onto it. Then purchase removable wallpaper to add to the back of your bookshelf. You can use normal wallpaper, but it is a lot easier to apply the removable version, and you can always peel it off if you want to swap it to something else.

wallpapered bookshelfFind out how: erinspain

9. Drawer Bookshelf

Upcycle your old drawers and create a fantastic bookshelf out of them. You can use drawers of different sizes and stack them together like puzzle pieces to create a unique looking set of shelves. After you establish the structure of them, you can even use the drawer handles to fasten the drawers together and create a secure set of shelves. You can leave the drawers in their original color or spray paint them to match the decor of the rest of your home.

drawer bookshelfFind out how: brackwho

10. Hanging Rope Bookshelf

This hanging rope bookshelf is really easy to create, and you only need a couple of materials to build it. Simply buy a piece of wood that is long enough and wide enough to fit your books, and either stain it or paint it. Then drill some holes into the corners of the wood so you can thread a piece of sturdy rope through them and tie up the ends, as this will hold the shelf up. Install two hooks on the wall you plan to have the shelf on, and then hang the shelf up using the rope.

hanging rope bookshelfFind out how: celebrationsandsweetcreations

11. Wine Crate Bookshelf

This wine crate bookshelf is probably one of the easiest bookshelves to assemble. To make this style of shelf visit your local wine store and see if they have any spare wine crates you could use. If they do they might let you have them for free or for a small fee. Otherwise you can buy wine crates in a store or online. Once you have enough crates, sand them down and stain them before stacking them up to form your bookshelf. The books will weigh down the crates so you don't have to fix them together, and you can always rearrange the structure at a later date.

wine crate bookshelfFind out how: oldpinehouse

12. Tree Bookshelf

This fantastic tree bookshelf is perfect for a child's bedroom. This DIY project involves buying large sheets of wood and tracing and cutting out the shape of a tree on each of them. Then the cut out trees are glued together to form a sturdy tree that is deep enough to hold all of your books. Sand down the wood and paint it your choice of color before attaching brackets to it and installing it onto the wall.

tree bookshelfFind out how: wallsunderconstruction

13. Chalkboard Bookshelf

If you have children, they will love this chalkboard bookshelf to display all their toys and books in. You will need to cut several pieces of wood to construct the shelf, which is attached together with pocket screws and nails. The back of the bookshelf is painted with chalkboard paint, so you can organise the shelf into sections and label them by writing on the chalkboard. You can also write fun or educational messages on there for your child to read.

chalkboard bookshelfFind out how: beckhamandbelle

14. Pegboard Bookshelf

Turn a pegboard into a makeshift bookshelf as well as a fun art canvas for your children. To make a bookshelf insert an assortment of colored pencils into the holes in the shape of a shelf and wrap elastic bands round them. Then just rest your books on top of the pencils and behind the elastic bands.

pegboard bookshelfFind out how: kidsomania

15. Leather Suspended Bookshelf

Use two leather straps and a piece of wood to create this incredibly stylish leather suspended bookshelf. First of all decide where you want the shelf, then drill two holes in the wall and insert wall plugs and two large screw hooks. Hole punch the leather and hang it up by sliding the holes over the hooks. Then simply slide your piece of wood through the straps and you have a bookshelf.

leather bookshelfFind out how: burkatron