Wreaths can be surprisingly expensive, especially live ones that can only be used for one season. With a little creativity, you can refresh your front door with these DIY wreaths and have a unique decoration that will last the whole season and can be used more than one time. Go with a wreath that matches your exterior and your personal style, or make more than one so you can have variety throughout the holiday season.


Refresh Your Front Door With These DIY Wreaths Today

Get the best of both worlds by making your own wreaths for the holidays. Save some cash and have something that's more one-of-a-kind on your door!


Create a chalkboard wreath

Use a small chalkboard and some silk plants to create a wreath with a message.

Refresh Your Front Door With These DIY Wreaths Todaycountryliving


Have a hay wreath

Using burlap, ribbon and straw, you can create a homey wreath that looks store-bought. Ohio State University recommends exposing hay to winds if stored outside to reduce its drying time.

Have a hay wreathcountryliving


Bring in the fall wreath

With straw, artificial leaves and pine cone pieces, you can have a timeless wreath that embodies the season.

Bring in the fall wreathcountryliving


Pick some pine

Pine branches, when paired with mistletoe and other seasonal items, can make for a perfect wreath. Let your imagination run wild to create a truly memorable piece!

Pick some pinesave-on-crafts


Fall into the felt wreath

With felt and patterns, you can make a simple yet elegant felt leaf wreath. You can also use felt to make mini-wreaths for hanging decorations, says Better Homes and Gardens.

Fall into the felt wreathgoodhousekeeping


Try a leaf wreath

Use wire and colorful leaves from your own backyard to craft a leaf wreath.

Try a leaf wreathgoodhousekeeping


Ready the ribbon and pine cone wreath

This cascading wreath is just ribbon and pine cones, with bells and ornaments optional!

Ready the ribbon and pine cone wreathgoodhousekeeping


Craft the crayon wreath

Ribbon, crayons, glue and backing are all you need to get started on this unique and colorful wreath. Surviving the Stores recommends using a hot glue gun for better fastening, as crayons do have some weight.

Craft the crayon wreathbuzzfeed


Make a sweet marshmallow wreath

With glue, marshmallows and ribbon, you can create a whimsical wreath that invokes the warmth of hot chocolate on a cold day.

Make a sweet marshmallow wreaththesweetescape


Give a gift box wreath

Dollar store mini-gift decorations are perfect for creating a colorful and festive gift box wreath. Mix and match colors to give your wreath more pizazz, or use an alternating color pattern.

Give a gift box wreathconsumercrafts


Pile on the popcorn wreath

Glue, ribbon and this movie snack favorite make for a fun wreath with a tantalizing scent! Do keep this wreath out of the rain as the water can make your popcorn less dense and more likely to fall apart.

Pile on the popcorn wreathbuzzfeed


Carry a corn husk wreath

Colorful corn husks can be twisted to resemble ribbon in this layered and bright wreath.

Carry a corn husk wreathhgtv


Play with a PVC pipe wreath

Leftover bits of PVC piping can be arranged with ribbon for a distinct and fun-looking wreath.

Play with a PVC pipe wreathtodaysnest


Work on a wood wreath

Small pieces of bark cut into circles can make for a natural-looking wreath that's sure to attract attention.

Work on a wood wreathtipjunkie


Maintain a moss wreath

Moss can be worked with in various mediums, so use some stencils to create seasonal phrases and place on a backdrop when you refresh your front door with these DIY wreaths.

Maintain a moss wreathuncommondesignsonline