The colors you choose for the outside of your house are just as important as those on the interior walls.  And, just like a good interior designer will tell you, if you’re planning to sell your house it’s important to choose shades that will appeal to the masses in order to attract the broadest range of potential buyers.  That means neutral, or traditional hues are likely your best bet, especially if you’re getting your home ready to sell.

Read on to see 6 exterior paint colors that aren’t just warm and inviting – they’ll give your home instant curb appeal.


White is timeless and classic – so it’s easy to see how using white paint on the exterior of your home could add some instant appeal.  However, white comes in many varieties, and you’ll want to choose the right shade in order to really get the best look.  In general, it’s a good idea to avoid a stark white, and instead opt for a hue with creamy yellow undertones.



Off White

Crisp and clean, this color can make your home’s exterior look fresh and inviting.  It’s simple, easy to match, and will really let your landscaping and home design shine.  If you want to create a little contrast, paint your front door and shutters black for an eye-popping, but still traditional look.



Another popular neutral, taupe is warmer than white and tends to blend in well with natural surroundings.  When trying to choose the right shade for the exterior of your home, look for inspiration in stone walkways, on walls or in your foundation to get a safe hue that looks natural.



A trendy shade that’s also conveniently neutral, gray is a popular shade that works both inside and outside the home.  With a variety of undertones, from purple to green, there are plenty of shades to choose from.  Just be sure to take a few samples home and test your favorite grays in different lights before you paint to ensure you’re happy with the hue no matter the weather.



If you’re looking for something that’s a little more bold, but still has neutral appeal a blue-gray color may be the hue for you!  With it’s nautical, serene feel, this color is reminiscent of a country cottage of beachside getaway.  Who wouldn’t want to come home to that everyday?  Plus, it looks great with white trim.





The color yellow is associated with happiness.  Therefore, it’s a great choice to show off your home’s sunny disposition.  Be careful with this one though.  You’ll want to choose a paler shade in order to appeal to the greatest number of buyers.  Keep it light, however, and you’ve got a beautiful hue for some cheery curb appeal.


Whether you’re looking to get your home ready to sell, or give your house an instant exterior makeover, these popular shades are perfect for adding instant style and charm that you - and the entire neighborhood - are sure to love.

Happy Painting!