We all want our home to be a place of warmth and comfort. One of the best ways to do this is by brightening up your home! Here are a few ways you add some light to your living space.


1. Paint it white

Painting your walls white is an easy way to bring some brightness to any room. A simple color palette allows small spaces to breath easier and helps create the illusion that they’re bigger than they actually are.
Paint it white


2. Keep it low

Using furniture with low-slung profiles help rooms feel more open and spacious. Incorporating mid-century modern antiques and more clean, contemporary furnishings into your design scheme is a great way to lighten up your space.Keep it low

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3. Install wall-mounted shelving

Another trick for making a room seem brighter is by eliminating the need for lots of furniture. Instead of having big bookshelves and tables, install wall-mounted shelves either painted white or composed of light-colored wood to store your books and a few decorations.
Install wall-mounted shelving


4. Keep tall items away from windows

If there’s a large plant, bookshelf or other piece of furniture blocking the light in your house, move it! It’s likely blocking some valuable light from entering into your space. Put large pieces of furniture opposite from the end where the windows are located. This way, you can maximize the amount of natural light that enters into your room.
Keep tall items away from windows


5. Use bright, white lightbulbs

Are your lights giving off a yellow tint? This might mean it’s time for you to install a different type of light bulb. Try installing bright white LED bulbs in order to maximize the brightness coming from your lamps.
Use bright, white lightbulbs


6. Install mirrors

Having mirrors in your home will not only make the space appear larger, but it will also lighten up the space by reflecting any light that comes into the room.
Install mirrors


7. Add a plant

Houseplants bring nature indoors and they can be surprisingly easy to maintain. You can purchase pots that have their own water reservoirs so you don’t have to worry about killing your flora if you forget to attend to it. Additionally, many houseplants act as natural air purifiers which work to clean the air throughout your home.
Add a plant


8. Rearrange the furniture

It doesn’t have to be feng shui, but by rearranging your furniture in order to maximize your space, you can add some lightness to your space. Tricks include playing up a focal point like a fireplace, adding increased flow, allowing people easier access in and out of your space and creating functional groupings. These are great ways to brighten up your home.
rearrange your furniture


9. Re-evaluate your decorations and accessories

Look at all your artwork, precious heirlooms and knickknacks and ask yourself if they’re actually serving any purpose, especially if they are dark in tone. If you have a dark print on your wall, see if you can find a brighter, more lively painting to go in its place.
Re-evaluate your decorations and accessories


10. Hide your wires

If you (like most people) have tangles of black wires and cables creeping across your floor, it’s actually making your room feeling darker and dingier. Try taping your wires against the baseboard using light-colored electrical tape to keep them out of the way.

Hide your wiresSource: makeuseof.com