As we spend more time outside, our attention focuses on our outdoor space – and it’s hard not to make a list of ways we can improve it, even just a little bit. Of course, the more you enhance your backyard, the more that you’ll enjoy using it, whether you’re entertaining family and friends or simply unwinding outside after a long day. If you’re looking for a few easy DIY projects for your backyard, we’ve got you covered. These 6 simple ideas can be completed in a weekend or less, and will leave you plenty of time for a little relaxation, too!


1. Bird FeederBirdFeeder

Bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes – and you can make one for your backyard out of almost anything, from upcycled teacups and saucers, to peanut butter and pinecones. If you have a saw for cutting metal, then you can create this modern bird feeder using this tutorial from curbly. The rest of the materials that you need can be easily found at your local hardware store.


2. Tree SwingTreeSwing

If you have a large, healthy tree in your backyard, you’re in luck – you’ve got the perfect setting for a tree swing! A classic backyard staple that the kids are sure to enjoy, this simple DIY project can be completed in an afternoon with some rope and a board. Drill a couple of holes into a sanded wood plank and secure it with rope. Use a ladder to reach a large branch and loop a chain over it, then attach a properly knotted rope to the chain and the board.


3. Window BoxWindowBox

You don’t have to be an expert contractor to build your own window box. has an easy tutorial to follow so you can make your very own window box – in a style that perfectly compliments the exterior of your home. Just pick up the appropriate supplies, decide on a paint color and fill it with flowers!


4. Updated Lawn FurnitureFurniture

Let’s face it, after a few seasons your lawn furniture is probably looking a little tired. However, purchasing a brand new set may not be in your budget this year. That’s ok. You can easily perk up your existing patio set with a good scrub, a fresh coat of paint, and if desired, some new cushions.


5. TrellisTrellis

The perfect spot for climbing vines, you can add a trellis to your back garden in a weekend using lattice fencing and 1x4 boards. Secure your trellis by hammering posts into the ground with a sledgehammer, or make it a permanent addition to your backyard space by filling the post holes with gravel and concrete.


6. Raised Garden BedsRaisedGarden

Perfect for growing your own fruits and vegetables, raised garden beds get your fresh produce off the ground and make it easier for you to weed, plant and harvest your home grown favorites. Make your very own raised garden beds with pressure treated boards, concrete blocks, or bricks, for greater control over growth in your vegetable garden.


Give your backyard a mini-makeover just in time for summer! Try some of these simple DIY outdoor projects to enhance your space, and enjoy a little extra time in the sun.