Small Bathrooms: 7 Awesome Design Ideas

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: February 11, 2014
Last Update: February 7, 2023

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Don’t let the size of your bathroom or powder room fool you.  Even the smallest spaces can make a big impact with a bold design choice.  In fact, it’s small rooms like these where people are more likely to experiment with color and style.  So when it comes to looking for decorating ideas, don’t be afraid to get creative.  You may stumble upon a few design ideas to use in other rooms of the house, too. Check out our 5 awesome design ideas for small bathrooms or powder rooms below.

1. Striped Walls

This trend takes some solid prep work in the beginning, but with a small space, it shouldn’t take too long.  Plus, your efforts will be rewarded with a big design impact.  Measure and tape off your stripes, painting the lighter color first, then repeat for the darker shade.  All you need to do afterwards is sit back, relax, and let the compliments flow.


2. Magnificent Mirrors

A mirrored wall can make a small space feel more open, so when it comes to a small powder room, think big when choosing a mirror.  The added feeling of space means you can be bold when choosing a paint color.  Bonus.


3. Tiles, and more tiles

With plenty of variations, colors, textures, and styles of tiles available, it can be a good idea to ditch the paint and opt for a few different tile selections instead when decorating a small bathroom.  Not only does this look great, but it’s easy to clean too.


4. Shelve It

Skip the large vanity in favor of a pedestal sink.  You can always add some shelves where needed to give you space to store items like towels, soap, Kleenex, and accent pieces.  See our 4 Small Space Storage Tips blog post for some creative shelving ideas and organizational solutions.


5. Pops of Color

It’s often said that light colors work best in small spaces – but that doesn’t mean that you need to avoid a bright, bold, statement-making color palette altogether.  Adding pops of color can liven up a small bathroom, making it both stylish and modern, without sacrificing a light, airy feeling.


6. Clean Lines

Crisp clean lines can really open up a space – so if you have a small powder room that you’d like to make look larger, it can be a good idea to keep the color and accents to a minimum.  We love the contrast between the gray and white in this bathroom, while the hint of green adds the perfect hint of color.


7. Checkered Floor

Flooring is sometimes overlooked when it comes to bathroom renovations, but when finished properly, it can pack a big punch.  This tiled checkered floor adds plenty of interest – and in a small space, this is a nice  project that you may even be able to tackle yourself.  Note that the darker tiles pick up the red of the walls, which really ties this bold look together.


When it comes to decorating a small bathroom or powder room, remember it’s not the size of the bathroom, but how you use it.  Don’t be afraid to get creative, use bold pops of color, and experiment with design ideas that could ultimately provide inspiration for the other rooms in your home.