Take your entertaining up a notch and celebrate happy hour in style with your very own home bar! Whether you’re serving guests an evening tipple or inventing colorful cocktails, a home bar is a wonderful addition to boost the party atmosphere. From a fully kitted area with stools to a simple tray holding a couple of bottles, you are bound to find a bar design which is perfect for you. Take inspiration from the following ideas, so you can create the home bar of your dreams.


Gilded Cart

Add some sophistication to your cocktail hour with an elegantly glamorous gilded cart. This stunningly chic design provides a stylish way to display your bottles as well as being a handy workspace for when you prepare your creative boozy concoctions. The wheels on the bottom means you can move the cart around with ease. So if you decide to take your entertaining outside into the backyard, that’s not a problem. Just take the cart with you and save yourself the effort of darting back and forth from the house to get more drinks.

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Cozy Nook

Turn an empty unused space into a cozy nook for your home bar. Squeeze a set of drawers and a fridge into the small area so you can keep your alcohol cool and store the rest of your bar goods in one place. Give yourself a designated space to prepare cocktails and other fun drinks for your guests, by installing a marble worktop. If you're feeling like your cramped up in a birdcage when preparing drinks, add a rustic wooden backsplash, as this should ward off claustrophobia, and create a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. To make the space truly look like a bar, display an interesting assortment of bottles on decorative shelves. If that doesn’t make it look genuine enough, then we’re sure a sign hanging on the wall stating ‘bar’, definitely will.

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Pallet Wine Bar

The humble pallet is extremely versatile and often a key staple in DIY projects. One of the fantastic ways you can upcycle this flexible material is by repurposing it into a charming rustic wine bar. Easily recreate this look at home by placing a beautiful drop cloth over a table you don’t use, and placing a collection of four pallets on top. Conveniently the pallets should be the right size to store your wine bottles, but if you want to have a couple of them on display, choose a matching wine crate to place them in. To complete the shabby chic look, surround the pallet bar with adorable crate stools, so your guests can truly enjoy the ambience.

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Foldable Beverage Tray

If you’re limited on space, but still want to create a friendly, convenient bar for your guests, then consider a foldable beverage tray. There’s the saying that you’ll always find people in the kitchen at parties, as that’s where the alcohol normally is. But with a portable tray, this no longer has to be case. Set it up in the comfort of your living room and add a few of your favorite bottles of alcohol, an ice bucket and some glassware. With everything in one place, you can effortlessly make cocktails for your friends in a cozy relaxed atmosphere.

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Chalkboard Wall

Get creative with your home bar and install a trendy versatile chalkboard wall. Armed with just a piece of chalk, the possibilities are endless as to what you can write (or draw). Write a witty welcome message, advertise the drinks you have on offer, or display cocktail recipes to try out. Once the drinks are flowing, you and your friends are bound to have fun drawing creative ideas and pictures on the wall. Luckily, chalk is only temporary, so you can easily wipe the designs off afterwards if you don’t want to keep them.

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Well Stocked Bar Cart

Keep your guests happy with a well stocked, beautifully displayed bar cart. This simple design offers plenty of storage and helps put a spotlight on the goods that are on show, so you need to make sure you present them well. Decorate the top of your cart with gorgeous gold accessories, such as a tray to hold liquors, mixers and colorful cocktail straws. Add to the elegance and cohesiveness with a gold cocktail set, including a shaker, bar spoon, liquid pourer and jigger. Most drinks need a mixer, so keep them altogether with a bowl of lemons and limes in one of the compartments. Apart from the drinks, glassware is obviously essential. Place your most used glasses to the front so they’re easy to reach, and display more decorative pieces of glassware such as fancy champagne flutes in a different compartment to dress up the cart. For the finishing touch, tie the whole space together with a pretty bar sign hung on the wall.

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Black and White Palette

If you’re wanting to make a glamorous statement, then stick to a dramatic color scheme of black and white. Surround yourself with pristine white walls to give your bar a clean, fresh look. Then boost the luxurious feel of the space, with gorgeous marble counters which incorporate both black and white. Adorn the marble with decorative vases and ornaments as well as a simple tray to hold your bar essentials. The placement of beautiful white flowers enhances the attractive look of the space, while a bottle of champagne resting in ice reinforces the bar’s classiness.

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Classic Organized Cart

Take advantage of an empty wall to set up a small organized bar area using just a cabinet and shelves. Instead of hiding away your alcohol, display it in a cabinet behind double glass doors, so your guests can easily see what’s on offer. Keep the same brands of bottles together in smart wicker baskets, so you can keep track of your stock, and avoid the dreaded fear of running out of something. Place your most used spirits on the top of the cabinet so they’re within easy reach, and add a vase of flowers nearby to provide a fresh, decorative touch. To complete the much lusted after bar look, install a charming set of entertaining shelves above, as these offer ample storage for all of your glasses.

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