Celebrate the arrival of spring with fun outdoor decor which is sure to impress your guests. There are many easy DIY projects you can undertake for the backyard that only require a few materials and won't blow your budget. To help get you started, here are some simple decor ideas which will enhance the look of the garden and make you want to host a soiree every weekend to show off your creations.


Mason Jar Lights

Beautifully light up your backyard each time you host a party or social gathering, with these pretty mason jar lights. This is a very simple but effective DIY project. Attach a chain to the lid of a mason jar so you can hang the light up. Then fill the jar with a mixture of marbles, pebbles or beans and place a small candle on top. When it starts getting dark outside, all you need to do is light the candles, and your whole backyard will be illuminated with a warm soft glow.

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Hose Rug

If you have a broken or leaky hose that you no longer use, upcycle it into a useful outdoor rug for when guests go in and out of your house. The vibrant green color will look gorgeous in your backyard, and ironically you can easily clean off muddy footprints using your current working hose. To create this oval shaped rug, just tightly coil up the hose and attach it together with simple black zip ties.

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Use a variety of fabric to create fun and colorful bunting to decorate your backyard. Decide how long you want the bunting to be before cutting evenly sized triangles out of your chosen pieces of fabric. Sew the triangles onto a long piece of fabric such as bias tape, and make sure you leave a gap at each end of the fabric so you can hang it up. Then find the perfect spot in your backyard to display your colorful decoration.

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Glass Bottle Border

Save your glass bottles instead of throwing them out to create a colorful border around your flower beds. Depending on how big your flower beds are, you might need to ask friends and family to hold onto their empty bottles so you can upcycle them for this project. To make your cost effective eco friendly border, just bury the tops of the bottles around the outside of your flower beds until there are no gaps left.

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Hanging Planter

Craft your very own hanging planter to display your beautiful flowers, using just a few materials. Select the bowl you want to store your plants or flowers in, then place it inside an embroidery hoop and glue the bottom of the bowl to it. Allow it to dry overnight before putting your chosen plant inside. Then find a prime spot in your backyard to hang your planter so everyone can see your amazing creation.

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Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Make an awesome wind chime for your backyard using your old bottle caps. You need approximately 4o to 50 bottle caps to make this, so you might have to enlist the help of some of your beer drinking friends and family to gather enough of them. To make your wind chime, punch holes into all of your bottle caps and thread wire through them to create chains of caps. Attach the chains to a center piece, such as a CD, and weave some wire through the top so you can hang it up.

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Make patriotic placemats to celebrate the Fourth of July and other fun events. Cut out rectangles of red striped fabric and small squares of denim. Stitch a five point star onto the denim with white thread and then stitch the denim patches onto the stripy fabric. Now you can look at the stars (and stripes) at any time of the day.

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Paper Pinwheels

In less than five minutes, you can make these easy paper pinwheels to brighten up your backyard during the springtime. Cut out squares of scrapbook paper and then fold it in half diagonally, unfold, and repeat the other way. Cut along the folded lines until you reach a couple of inches from the center and then fold the sections into the center. Poke a fastener through the middle and attach it to a paper straw, before planting your pinwheels in your backyard.

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Washi Tape Paper Lanterns

Transform boring white paper lanterns into fun and colorful decorations for your backyard with just washi tape. From stripes to flowers, you can use any patterned washi tape for your lanterns. Just cut it to the right length and stick it vertically around your lantern until there's an even gap between each strip.

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Wine Bottle Tiki Torches

Collect a couple of glass bottles and upcycle them into amazing tiki torches. As well as the bottles you will need tiki torch wicks and fluid. Fill the bottom of the bottles with water, just below the wick, and then fill it with tiki fluid. Soak the wick in tiki fluid before lighting it away from your guests, to prevent a hazardous situation. They should last for the duration of your soiree and can be put out just by blowing out the flame.

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Glass Marble Fence

Jazz up your fence and make it sparkle by adding bright and colorful glass marbles. Drill holes into the fence that are slightly smaller than the size of your marbles and then just slot them in place. You can have as many or as little as you want, and even create fun patterns with them. Once you're happy with the design, prepare to be dazzled as the sun reflects off the marbles.

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Patterned Patio Stones

Brighten up your plain patio stones by painting pretty patterns on them. This is a cheap DIY project, but the finished appearance will make them look expensive. Position a stencil over a patio stone and then paint over it in your choice of color. Remove the stencil to reveal a brightly colored pattern, and then repeat this process for the rest of your patio stones.

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