Share your memories with the ones you love by crafting personalized inexpensive gifts which showcase a range of your lovely photos.  Photos are a great way to capture different moments throughout your life, and provide you with wonderful memories. So instead of leaving them as a digital file on your computer or phone, turn them into memorable gifts for your friends and family. Here are 15 easy DIY gift ideas that you can incorporate your photos in.

1. Christmas Wreath

Instead of having a normal wreath for Christmas, create one out of photos of your family. These are a great alternative to large memory photo frames and can be made using a collection of silver or gold photo frames. To celebrate the end of the year, feature photos of memorable moments from throughout the year, and then change them each December with new photos.

photo wreathFind out how: justasmidgen

2. Coasters

Turn tiles into durable coasters featuring photos of your loved ones. First cut your photos to the same size as your tiles, and then apply a thin layer of mod podge to your tiles so you can stick your photos onto them. Once all of your photos are stuck onto the tiles, apply two layers of mod podge, and a layer of acrylic sealer to protect the surface of the coasters. After it dries, glue a piece of felt underneath them to prevent the coasters from marking surfaces.

photo coastersFind out how: jugglingwithkids

3. Lamp

Brighten up a room as well as a person's mood, by displaying multiple photos at once on a lamp. You will need photo editing software to make a collage of your photos, and also to turn them black and white so they appear better on your lamp. Print your collage on vellum or tracing paper and wrap it around the outside of your lampshade. Secure it in place with scotch tape, and then just turn your lamp on to see the full effect.

photo lampFind out how: mommymoment

4. Clock

Pick one of your favorite photos and turn it into a lovely clock to display in your home. You will need a wooden plaque for the base of the clock and clock parts as well as your photograph. Drill a hole in the center of your wooden plaque so the clock pieces can fit through. Cut your photo to the same size and shape as the plaque and mod podge your photo to it. After it has dried, poke a hole through the center of the photo and attach the clock parts.

photo clockFind out how: seevanessacraft

5. Phone Case

Turn your photographs into fun phone cases for you and your family. You can choose to have just one photograph displayed on your case, or several in a collage. To make the case you will need to buy a phone case with a clear back so that you can see photos through it. Use photo editing software to create a photo that is the right size to fit behind your case and print it out on photo paper. Cut out your image and also cut out the area where your phone's lens is. Insert the photo into your case and it's done!

phone caseFind out how: momswhoclick


Create fun photo strip bookmarks using just photo paper, cardstock, glue and scissors. On your computer determine the size of your bookmark and then add your selected images and place them underneath each other just like in a photo strip. Print it out on photo paper and cut it to size before gluing it to card stock which has been cut to a similar size.

bookmarkFind out how: sheknows

7. Magnets

Cheer your family up every time they enter the kitchen with these adorable fridge magnets. Use photo editing software to resize your images to the desired size of your magnets. Print them on photo paper and cut them out before gluing them to a mat board that has been cut to the same size as the photo. Seal the photos by coating them with a dimensional glaze and let them dry before applying magnet tape to the back of them.

photo magnetsFind out how: photojojo

8. Memory Jar

Preserve a fond memory by placing a photograph of it inside a mason jar. Laminate your chosen photo and position it correctly into the jar before slowly pouring olive oil into it. Seal up the jar with the lid and your masterpiece is complete. You can easly insert an additional photo into the jar by laminating it and placing it back to back with the first image in the jar.

photo jarFind out how: ourlifeinaction

9. Pull Out Photo Album

Avoid giving a photo in a generic frame to your friends and family and switch it up with a pull out photo album. Source a wooden box to store your photos in, and cut out a long strip of card to display your photos on. Fold the card forwards and backwards to create a zig zag effect and glue your photos onto it in between the folds. Loop and attach a piece of twine or ribbon to the back of the top of the card so you have a handle, and then store the photos in the box.

photo boxFind out how: fujifilm

10. Puzzle Blocks

Impress the little ones in your life by making fun puzzle blocks featuring their photo. The blocks are made from nine wooden cubes, and you should be able to source these easily from a craft store. Paint the blocks different colors and while it is drying, crop your photo to the right size on your computer and print it on photo paper. Line the blocks on top of the photo and mark on the image where you need to cut the photo so that it matches the size of the blocks. Apply mod podge to the top of the blocks and place the photos on top. When the blocks are dry, apply a thin layer on top of the photos to seal and protect them.

photo puzzle blocksFind out how: littlemissmomma

11. Candles

Candles are a very common gift to give friends and family, so why not make it more personal by adding photos to the candles. Print your photos on tissue paper, then cut them out and place the photos on the candle. Wrap the candle with wax paper and use an embossing gun to melt the photo onto the wax. Peel off the wax paper and then use the embossing gun again to finish it off.

candleFind out how: abeautifulmess

12. Necklace

Wear your heart around your neck, rather than your sleeve with a personal photo necklace. You will need your selected photo, a cabochon glass and base set, and a necklace with a pendant. Print your image on photo paper and cut it out to the same size as your pendant. Glue your photo to the glass cabochon and then just attach this to the pendant of your necklace. How simple is that?

photo necklaceFind out how: instructables

13. Canvas

Instead of spending a fortune on a photo canvas, make your own at home for a fraction of the price. Cover a blank canvas in gel medium and place a copy of your chosen photo on top of it. Let it dry, then use a spray bottle to wet the top of the paper. Remove the paper in small pieces so that the transferred photo stays on the canvas. Cover the canvas in a coat of gel medium to seal and protect the image, then hang it proudly on the wall.

canvasFind out how: abeautifulmess

14. Pencils

If you have an artist in the family, consider making these really cool photo pencils. Choose a photo that doesn't have too much detail and print three copies of it on plain paper. Cut the photos into strips so you have three identical copies of each strip. Glue the back of each strip and wrap it around the pencils. Use tape to secure the free edge of the photo strips and then lay out the pencils to form the photo.

photo pencilsFind out how: photojojo

15. Snow Globe

Make beautiful snow globes featuring family photos to give out as Christmas gifts. Use a jar for the globe and paint the lid in your choice of color. Cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside the jar and then fold up the bottom of the photo so it stands up in the jar. Glue a popsicle stick to the back of the photo to stabilize it and then glue the bottom of the stick to the jar. Place white pom poms around the photo to look like snow and add glitter before sealing the jar up with the lid.

photo snow globeFind out how: parenting