“Curb appeal” is a phrase that has become a popular buzzword in recent years, especially with its popularity on home renovation and house hunting shows. Although the term may be overused, curb appeal is something we all want for our homes. A house with great curb appeal doesn’t just provide a warm welcome to your visitors, it can also increase your home’s resale value and help decrease your home’s energy bills. There are three key features that all homes with high curb appeal have in common. Follow these tips and just wait for the compliments to start rolling in.shutterstock_128049920


1.  A gorgeous garden

Having your front yard in bloom is an inexpensive way to bring some color and beauty to your home’s exterior. Flowers, trees and shrubs will increase your property value by making your house more visually appealing, so choose a landscape design that is unique, attractive and easy to maintain. It is estimated that excellent landscaping will increase a home’s value by 7%. Installing a stone walkway to your front door, with a matching stone driveway will add even more value to your home. Plus, you’ll be sure to turn heads and make your neighbors jealous.



2.  Sophisticated outdoor lighting

A copper mailbox or personalized address sign might be great additions to your house’s exterior, but these fixtures are secondary to the importance of having visually stunning outdoor lighting. Add some stunning sconces or some unique porch lights and you’ll provide the perfect welcome for friends and family alike. There’s no way your guests will be able to miss your house if they’re arriving late at night. But these lights are not just for style. As a practical perk, installing more lights at the front of your house will also provide increased safety and security for your home.sophisticated outdoor lighting


 3.  A bold front door

While it may seem simple, a fresh coat of paint can significantly increase your house’s resale value. Amp up the visual appearance of your front entrance experiment with different colors designed to leave a lasting first impression. However, this doesn’t mean you can by painting your door a bold new color. Whether it is eggshell blue or violet, feel free to use any color you want. Make sure that whatever color you choose works with the color of the wood or brick of your home. It’s also important not to go cheap on the type of paint you buy. Use exterior acrylic paint because it’s flexible and contains chemicals designed to protect your door from harsh conditions.

a bold front door