2014 home decor trendsA New Year brings with it plenty of new trends in home design and decorating.  Actually, repainting a room, or updating some old furniture or accessories could give you the fresh start that you’re looking for in 2014.

It will certainly feel good to finally get that powder room finished, or hang up that photo wall – and there’s never been a better time to start.  But before you visit the hardware store or pick up that paintbrush to tackle your first design project of the year, we’d recommend taking a look at these 4 design trends.  Set to be some of the biggest home decorating trends of 2014, this design inspiration will ensure your next interior design project is ahead of the curve.

Metal Accents

Upgrading a kitchen backsplash, or thinking of purchasing a few accessories to add some new life to your living room décor?  Think metal instead of bright pops of color.  With plenty of style options and shades to instantly fit in almost any room, metal’s cool, crisp lines add a modern splash to your décor.  And if you do happen to love the look of a metal backsplash, we’ve got great news: a high quality metal backsplash can make a small space feel larger.  So if you have a small kitchen, this is one trend you may want to try this year.

Jewel Tones

One can of paint can make a big difference – and this year’s popular jewel tones bring the drama to every room.  With most people still operating on a tight budget, they’re opting for neutral tones for larger, more expensive pieces, like couches or dining sets.  Therefore choosing a bolder color for the walls is a perfect way to showcase style and luxury, that’s both affordable and on-trend – without having to update large pieces of furniture.

One-of-A Kind Pieces

Gone are the days when we wanted homes that look just like our neighbor.  Instead, home décor has quickly become another way that we can express ourselves and show off our individual sense of style.  This year we see even more distance from cookie-cutter solutions, and more customization.  Skipping the accent wall in favor of a large-scale wall hanging can be a great way to incorporate your own personal taste into a room.  Sites like Etsy, or antique shops are also a great way to find unique pieces that show off your style without breaking your budget.

Mix and Match

When it comes to choosing patterns, prints, fabrics, and furniture, this year’s only rule is to mix it up.  Bold prints, custom finishing touches, and various textures are a great way to add interest to a room with a look that’s right on trend.  Pick up some new accessories, update old furniture, and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Which new design trends do you most want to include in your home this year? Share your decorating style in the comments below.