These decorating mistakes can totally ruin the look of a room.  And you know what?  You’re probably making them.  The interior design blunders we have on our list are very common - but luckily, most of them are pretty easy to fix.  Want to know how you can improve the look of your home?

1. Buying Sets

Matching furniture sold as sets masquerade as easy shopping solutions.  In reality, they’re just dull decorating.  Furniture sets are a thing of the past.  Instead, pick different pieces that compliment each other in terms of proportion and finish but still have their own unique design elements.  It’ll make your space much more interesting!shutterstock_163196918 (1)


2. Cluttered Table Tops

Too often end tables find themselves cluttered with souvenirs and framed photographs - and those cluttered surfaces can quickly make even the cleanest rooms look messy.  Instead, clear off those surfaces by hanging photographs on walls, and displaying other precious items on shelves. Rotate what you have if there’s more that you want to show off but no place to put it.shutterstock_125113955

3. Ignoring Entryways

A front entrance is the first thing guests see when they visit a home.  However, it’s often an area of the house that’s neglected when it comes to decorating.  Your foyer is the perfect opportunity to make a style statement - and set the tone for the rest of your home - so don’t leave it empty. Add some color, hang a mirror, or use a well-placed table to store keys and mail when you walk through the door.


4. Outdated Accessories

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big impact - like door handles, cabinet hardware, and faucets.  Don’t let your rooms feel dated by hanging onto old accessories.  These items are relatively easy to change - and provide a quick way to give your space an instant update.


5. Too Much Stuff

We’re all probably guilty of this decorating faux-pas, however, today’s selection of multi-functional furniture and stylish storage solutions makes organizing a breeze!  Invest in stylish storage baskets to keep small objects in their place and prevent shelves from looking too cluttered. Furniture pieces, like storage benches and ottomans, can also provide functional storage options.shutterstock_157063094

6. Everything Matches

Yes, you want the pieces in your space to go together, but a room that’s too matchy-matchy is just boring.  Don’t be afraid to branch out and play with different combinations of colors and patterns.  As you look around a room, it should be easy to pick out different pieces and accents that capture your attention.shutterstock_159988358

7. Pushing Furniture Out

All too often furniture gets pushed out towards the walls of a room, turning the space into one that feels boxy and uniform.  Pulling furniture in towards the center of a room not only makes it feel inviting, it also provides an opportunity to show off decorative furniture backings, or for a small table to display precious accessories.shutterstock_138547388

8. Improperly Hung Curtains

Curtains hung too low - or worse yet, not hung up at all - can make a room feel claustrophobic and uninviting.  If you’re lucky enough to have a home with high ceilings, hang your curtains just below the ceiling line to make your space seem bigger.shutterstock_264842966

9. Floating Area Rugs

Do you have an area rug that just sits nicely in the middle of the room?  If you do, it’s most probably too small for the space.  A rug should be a significant part of a room, with the front legs of your furniture able to rest on top of it.  When shopping for area rugs, keep in mind that the one you choose should allow for a 12-16” border of flooring around the perimeter of your space.shutterstock_150192158