A whole house water filter system allows you to have access to the best water possible, even out of the tap.

Learn More About a Whole House Water Filter System

Learn More About a Whole House Water Filter SystemHaving a whole house water filter system gives you clean, fresh water all the time.

A Carbon Water Filter Removes Chlorine

Most of the water that comes out of a home's tap contains some amount of chlorine. Many times, this water is safe to cook with, bathe in and even drink. However, the presence of chlorine can sometimes alter the flavor of water. A whole house water filter system with a carbon water filter can cut back on that taste by removing most of the chlorine from your tap water. When you wash your clothes in your home's water, you cut down on how much chlorine and other chemicals get in the fabric of your garments, which prolongs their lifespan. Additionally, using highly chlorinated water in your dishwasher can release a strong chemical smell when the water is heated up. Using a filter system works as a water softener, helping reduce soap scum and water spots on your dishes. If the area you live in has high levels of chlorine in the drinking water, a filter system helps make it safe to drink.

Clean Water Throughout

When you use a carbon water filter as part of your house's whole filter system, you are assured clean, fresh water out of any water source in your home. That includes the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms, the outdoor spigots for your hose, your showers and the water supply to your washing machine and dishwasher. Instead of having to access only one faucet with a filter, you can get a drink from any of them and you can count on being able to use your tap water without having to use a water conditioner. The water softner benefits also give you better-quality water for bathing and washing clothes and dishes. Water softners can be expensive, but you might find that installing a whole house filter can save you some money while also providing you with better water.

Clean Water Throughout

Healthier Water due to Water Softner

There have been several cases of people becoming ill due to the poor water quality where they live. When you use a water filter system, you get the water softner benefits, but you are also able to benefit from healthier water. The filter removes toxins, chemicals and debris from the water so that you can drink it without worry. Some of the minerals in water are actually good for you, but some of them can make you ill. Ask your city for a report of what's lurking in your tap water and you should be able to tell if a water filter system can benefit you. If you're worried for any reason, installing a filter system throughout your house keeps you healthy and offers peace of mind regarding what you're putting into and on your body on a daily basis.

No Risk of Contamination

Contaminated water can lead to serious and scary health complications, but you might not know that it's been contaminated in the first place. Filtering the water makes it a healthier choice, but it also reduces your risk of getting sick due to possible contaminants in the water. This could be bacteria that has mistakenly gotten into the water supply, a leak at the water treatment plant or when an accident occurs and the water supply is inundated with a dangerous or unsafe substance. Whatever the reason, using a filter helps remove most or all of the contaminant, allowing you to enjoy fresh, clean water even when the supply has been contaminated.

No Risk of Contamination

Water Conditioner Reduces Risk of Health Problems

In some cases, exposure to bad water can exacerbate certain health conditions. Not only can using a filter provide water softner benefits without having to use a water conditioner, but it can also help you control the symptoms of certain health problems. That includes issues like asthma and allergies that can be worsened with exposure to certain chemicals and contaminants. You might experience symptoms due the scent of the water when it comes into contact with your skin, your dishes when you wash them, or your clothes from being cleaned in the water. For some people, simply drinking the water can make certain health problems worse. The filter helps reduce the risk of this happening and gives you water that tastes great and is clean at the same time due to the water softener and filtering jobs it carries out simultaneously.

Protects in Case of Emergency

Certain emergencies can compromise your home's water supply. These might include a flood, tornado, hurricane or other such disaster. Often when this happens, the water supply becomes infected. A water filter system throughout your house eliminates the need for water softners, and it also keeps you safe and prevents you from running out of water until the supply is cleaned up. The filter removes the dangerous stuff from the water so that you can still use it to bathe, wash dishes, cook and drink. Unlike a single filter, the whole house option allows you to use any faucet or spigot in your home without concern because it filters water that comes from anywhere in your home or yard.