If you're trying to find the best cheap blind options, you may be overwhelmed by the price tags connected to window treatments in your area.

The Best Cheap Blind Options For You

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Whether you buy from a discount website or opt for frugal materials, you can save on blinds.

Purchase Overstock Blinds For Less

Some online stores will let you buy overstock blinds, which you can get at significant discounts compared to what you would find at a standard retailer. Overstock.com is, of course, the go-to website for any overstock purchase, including blinds. You can also occasionally find them by searching for overstock blinds on sites like Home Depot or Amazon.

Try Discount Retailers

IKEA is a go-to source for discount furniture, and discount blinds are no exception. As of November 2016, they don't even have any blinds available for more than $40, and pleated shades run as little as $3. There aren't many options beyond roller blinds, however, so you may prefer a discount retailer like Sears or JC Penney. The options there run a bit pricier, but you can still find everything from vertical to honeycomb to faux wood blinds for less than you'd find at a more deluxe retailer, and they don't look like you skimped on them. Even Wal-Mart has some decently reviewed options for inexpensive vinyl or fabric blinds in a variety of colors.

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Shop Around for Discount Blinds

If you see a type of blind that you like, try searching for it online to see if you can find a vendor who is selling it for less than competitive sites. Levolor is one of the most popular brands of window shades at the moment. If you have your heart set on that or any other luxe brand, search as many sites as you can find in order to hunt down your best cheap blind options. You may find one site having an unbeatable sale or another that simply prices them low as a matter of course. A Canadian blogger described her amazement at finding that Levolor shades cost a third as much in America as they do in Canada. Do yourself a favor and see if you can unearth similar savings.

Experiment With Different Materials

Although you may have your heart set on real maple blinds for your kitchen or silk Roman shades for your living room, you can find some lovely blinds to go with your decor that are frugal without being cheap. Faux wood blinds can be made of high-quality materials that give you the look of real wood for a fraction of the price, although you may want to check them out in person instead of ordering them online so you can make sure that you're getting a convincingly attractive set. Vinyl blinds are still most common as the familiar white mini-blinds, but you can also find them in colors like espresso, terra cotta, or rose to add a warm touch to your room or even to look like wood from a distance. If you prefer fabric, particularly for Roman shades, you can opt for less expensive cotton rather than the high-priced $200 silk shades that some retailers sell.

Install Them Yourself

If your blinds come with an offer of installation, see if you can remove that offer and install them yourself for less. Installing blinds isn't terribly difficult. If you have a drill and a level to secure the brackets into the wall and make sure they're straight, you can easily do it yourself and avoid wasting money on an unnecessary expense. If you do end up deciding that your DIY skills aren't up for installing blinds yourself, remember that you can shop around for installation, too. Ask several different contractors to see who will give you the best deal. It may turn out that your best choice is to buy the blinds and hire the contractors from two different sites.

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Get Creative With Odd Sizes

If you have an oddly shaped or sized window, you may be fretting at the thought of spending extra money on custom blinds. However, you can get standard-sized blinds to go with your not-quite-standard-sized windows with a little creativity. If you're using vinyl blinds that are too big for your window, you can trim them down with a hacksaw or tin snips; faux wood blinds can also be cut with a hack saw. If your blinds are too narrow for the space, you can frame them with drapery panels so that the entire window is covered by either blinds or fabric. In the case of a double window, you can put one drapery panel on either side of the window and another down the center, allowing you to leave a gap between two sets of the best cheap blind options.

Make Your Own

If you're crafty, you can make your own fabric roller blinds or Roman shades for significantly less than you would spend at a store. Most of the patterns available require you to use actual blinds as a base, but you can purchase highly inexpensive discount blinds that you aren't crazy about, then dress them up with a little DIY magic to make them beautiful. The Nesting Game, for example, has a pattern to convert plain vinyl mini-blinds to airy Roman shades, and Design Sponge shows you how to turn a less-than-exciting roller blind into a custom-made shade with any fabric pattern you choose as the best cheap blind options.