You don’t need a lot of money to make your house look like a million bucks. There are many low-cost ways to add some style to your space. Here are a few fabulous home décor hacks which are guaranteed to impress your family and friends.

Ladder Shoe Rack

Repurposing an old step ladder can be a great way to create a stylish shoe rack. It will need to be the type of ladder that has steps at equal heights on each side if you are going to repurpose however, it may be worth building one of these from scrap wood as there isn't much to it and they are quite modern and stylish looking.

Use a cute box to hide cords and powerbars

Don’t let ugly power cords detract from an otherwise stylish living room. Use a decorative storage box to hide these less-than-attractive electronic eyesores from public view.

changing box


Create a chalkboard wall

Give you family a chance to get creative and add some style to an otherwise boring wall by applying blackboard paint and turning it into a canvas/handy family organizer. It’s also a great way to create a talking point for when family and friends come to visit!

Karson Butler Open House, December 12, 2012


Teapot Vase

Using a teapot as a vase is great way to add color to a a variety of home styles. Below the use of a metal teapot with bright purple lilacs would look great in a more rustic home but simply changing the type of teapot will allow this to look great in most home styles.

Design toilet paper wall art

Unleash your inner Picasso by transforming toilet paper rolls into unique pieces of wall art. Spray paint them a color that matches the design scheme of your room and then glue them together with a hot glue gun. Once you’ve attached all the rolls together, hang it on your wall using a picture framing hook.

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Paint the side of your door

Looking for a simple, but effective dose of color to your room? All you need is paint! Simply paint the inside of your door using a bold statement tone and your guests will notice.
This is the perfect compromise if you want more color but your partner or housemate is more into neutrals.

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Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter

Got an old lampshade hanging around? Transform your dated 80s light fixture into a stylish accent piece for any room by coating the inside with glitter. It’ll create a shimmery glow that will add some sparkle to your home.Coat the inside of a lampshade with glitter

Mix and Match Your Chairs

An easy way to add some character to your kitchen space is by creating a table set up which incorporates different types of chairs. This eclectic look will not only provide an interesting aesthetic for your space, but it will also save you from having to purchase an entire table set. Still, there should be some consistency between all the chairs to tie together the whole look. An easy way is just by painting all the chairs in the same color palette.

Mix and Match Your Chairs


Decorate a vase with pennies

Got some old pennies hanging around? Use them to add a stunning bronzed look to a cheap utility vase or an old one you were going to throw away. Doing this will likely quadruple their value. Now that’s a good investment!

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Cover a wall with plates

Looking for some interesting wall hangings to fill your space? Look no further than your local thrift store or go garage sale shopping. Vintage plates and serving trays make ideal decorative pieces. Look for colors and designs that complement your room’s design scheme and you have an easy way to add some personality to a bare wall. Even better, if you have some sentimental plates that are currently tucked away in a box or in a cabinet, this is a great way to show them off to the world.

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Tie your curtains with bows

Throw out your boring metal curtain rings that rust and instead, replace them with attractive ribbon or bows that will add some personality to your window coverings. This is also an inexpensive way to bring new life into boring old curtains you would have otherwise replaced.

Tie your curtains with bowsFrom:

Hang up your reading

Do you find your books, magazines and newspapers are often left lying around with no place to go? Create this stylish (and simple!) hanging book holder and not only will you have a spot to put your books, but you will also have an eye-catching wall decoration for your room. Use bold material and you’ll have a statement piece on your hands.



Hide your router with some old reading

Get rid of the unsightly look of your router or cable box by hiding them inside the covers of old books. This clever electronics cover will not only help to clean up your living area, but it’ll also have the bonus side effect of making you look more well read!

Hide your router with some old reading