Whether you have rodents, crawling bugs or flying insects.  These Seattle pest control companies are qualified to eliminate the problem quickly, safely and discreetly. Check out the links above and below for Seattle's best pest control companies.

Dominion Pest Control Seattle

By using methods and products that are environmentally friendly, Dominion Pest Control can rid your home or business of almost every pest imaginable. With a team that is expertly skilled in extermination, you’ll no longer have to worry about infestation, and they even offer a 5% home protection plan discount. They cover the areas of Seattle, Redmond, Sammamish, Kent and Mercer Island and for a reasonable additional fee, more rural areas like Stanwood and Island County.pest control

Eden Pest Control Seattle

With a longstanding reputation in both Washington and Oregon, Eden Advanced is a pest control company that’s part of the Rentokil family. They offer residential and commercial pest control services and inspections that are suitable for families with pets as well as a range of specialist services such as crawl space restoration, drain line services and micro-sanitation. Regardless of which pest is troubling you, Eden Advanced can help and all at a cost-effective price.

Paratex Pest Control Seattle

Paratex covers the majority of Seattle to offer extermination for general pests, bird control and fumigation. Whether you’re a residential or a commercial client, you can benefit from the expert knowledge and skills of the team at Paratex so that you’ll have one less thing to worry about. They also offer a range of scheduled preventive services for retail and wholesale food units, residential homes and commercial buildings. Customers are able to customize the service that they require, and you’ll be priced based on your location.

Sprague Pest Control Seattle

No matter which industry you’re based in you can choose Sprague Pest Control to eliminate issues in your property. Commercial customers can benefit from professional risk assessment and consulting so that any issues can be detected before they get out of hand. Regarded as one of the best pest control in Seattle, Sprague base their solutions on science so that they can remove ants, bed bugs, flies, birds, rodents, spiders and more quickly and effectively.

Willard Pest Control Seattle

If you’re based in Seattle or Western Washington your pest control needs will be well and truly met with Willard’s Pest Control. Services undertaken include crawl space cleanouts, odor control, insect extermination, non-lethal bird control and rodent control. Willard’s knows how important it is to carry out such services quickly and discreetly and they employ a dedicated team that works all year round.pest control 2

Parker Eco Pest Control Seattle

Looking for economical pest control in Seattle WA? Parker Eco Pest Control can help. This is a company that crafts green solutions to rid your home from pests including ants, fleas, moles, rats, mice, spiders, wasps and hornets. Unless absolutely necessary, no toxic methods are used, making them a great option for family homes, homes that have pets and the environment. Parker Eco will thoroughly inspect your home before they apply anything, with your health and comfort always in mind.

Finding the best pest control company

When looking for a pest control service, you should always take your time and make sure to find one that can match your requirements. It’s worth asking your chosen company a number of questions such as how long they have been in service, what qualifications or licenses they hold if they have the relevant insurances in place and what methods they plan on using in your property. Effective pest control often requires the use of chemicals, so it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.

In some cases, it may be necessary for you to take out a contract and it’s usually customary for certain services to be guaranteed for a number of years after your property has been treated. Pests such as termites, for example, can sometimes return even after the treatment, so it’s usually worth asking whether or not your fee covers a yearly inspection charge.

What to watch out for

You should be wary of companies that offer you pest control as part of a package deal, those who quote you per gallon (hundreds of gallons may be required) or those that claim that they have a “secret formula”. All pesticide products need to be registered by the U.S. EPA and the States Department of Agriculture, and the list of ingredients must be clearly stated on the label. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Government agencies do not endorse any pest control company or any specific product used for the purpose of pest extermination or control.