Many types of blinds can help you cover your windows and provide a stylish look in any room of your house.

Mini Blinds

One of the most common types of blinds are mini blinds usually made from aluminum or vinyl. These are traditionally horizontal and attach to the top of your window frame. You raise and lower them using a string mechanism and open and close them using a rod that you twist. Mini blinds come in a range of colors, so you can find a great match for you homes style. Choosing mini blinds is an affordable way to cover your windows and create a stylish look in virtually any room of your house. If you have similar sized windows, retailers often sell them in multi-packs so you can buy 6 mini blinds at an even better price.


Faux Wood Blinds

Some manufacturers sell real wood window treatments, but more often than not, they'll be faux wood. That means you can get the great look of wood without having to spend the money. Custom faux wood blinds such as these are a great way to control the lighting and temperature in your home without sacrificing the style you want. Like mini blinds, faux wood blinds are usually have horizontal slats and can be raised and lowered using the cord or a motor. Generally, faux wood blinds are a higher end product and come in a variety of slat widths so you can a more high end look. In terms of functionality, faux wood blinds do a good job of blocking light and insulating your home when closed to help you save on energy costs in the summer.

Faux Wood

Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds, also called honeycomb shades, are designed to to block or filter light while also providing insulation to save on energy costs. Rather than being made up of slats, the shade is one piece of material that is attached to a string mechanism on each side do that it can be folded up or down as needed. You can find honeycomb shades in single, double or triple panes, and the more panes you have, the more advantage you have in terms of controlling light and temperature in your home. This type of blind comes in a wide range of color options so you can match them to your decor for a stylish look that is also functional. When you order blinds online, be sure you choose cellular options that are custom fit to your various windows for the best results.
Discovering the Types of Blinds

Pleated Shades

This style of blind is an affordable choice that operates in a similar way to honeycomb shades. When it comes to custom blinds, this is an option that allows you a very precise fit in each window, no matter the size or shape. The shades are generally constructed of soft materials that you can raise and lower as needed or simply leave to fill the window. Easy installation makes pleated shades an ideal choice for your home. Some types of pleated shades can be opened and closed from both the top and bottom, making them great for large windows. You can also add privacy panels and liners to darken your rooms if you want to.

Motorized Window Treatments

If you have very large windows or those that are up high and hard to reach, you'll love motorized window treatments. When you order blinds online, this is a choice you'll never regret making. The shades can be operated using a remote system that raises and lowers them without having to climb up high and reach the mechanism. These are also great blinds to choose if you have pets or kids and you worry about the danger of hanging cords on your window treatments. There are a variety of remote options, allowing you to choose the one that works best for each room of your house.

Skylight Shades

If you have skylights in your home, you probably love how they let in natural light, but you may hate how that makes it hard to completely darken rooms when you want to. Installing skylight shades easily solves that problem. This type of shade sits in the frame of your skylight and can be moved to cover the window or left open using a remote mechanism so you won't have to climb up to the skylights when you want to open or close the shades.

Skylight Shades

Additional Shade Options

There are also a plethora of types of blinds for your various other needs. You can order shades that fit into large doors, allowing you to block or let in light when you want to and help insulate your home when it's really cold or hot outside. If you have an outdoor room or patio, you can purchase shades to install that block some sunlight and give you the ideal temperature for spending time in there. Blinds are also available to custom fit oddly-shaped windows or those that aren't standard size. Custom ordering your window treatments gives you all the control and allows you to get a look you love without sacrificing function. An expert can help you decide which ones are right for your home.

Additional Shade Options