What does an up-to-date kitchen look like this year? These kitchen trends show the details for stylish choices.  Interior designers are all unique, but kitchen trends run along the same lines.

The Latest Kitchen Trends for Kitchen Refacing

The Latest Kitchen Trends

Soft Colors

Changing the color in your kitchen is just about the easiest update you can do. If you are thinking of changing color schemes, designer kitchens are currently running in light, soft colors. Look to neutrals, pastels, and pale tints to stay on top of kitchen trends. Even the cabinets should be lighter in color, with light wood or paint to fit into the style of the new kitchen colors. Bold colors are out, even as accent colors. Use different muted colors as accents to give the kitchen a soft look all around. Light colors make rooms look bigger, and that's never a bad thing for a kitchen.

Soft Colors

Smart Spaces Emanate a Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen makeovers are going modern and including technology in a big way. Most modern kitchen design options include space for smartphones and tables by way of charging stations. The kitchens include the charging stations as part of the room, so they are streamlined and no longer stand out. Users can keep their devices on hand and charged at all times. Many appliances are starting to feature smart functions as well, making the kitchen easier for anyone to use. The spaces don't have to be obvious, but the fact that they are there shows a change in the times and in kitchen trends.

Smart Space

Bring Back the ‘80s in Your Kitchen Makeovers

Styles come and go and the ‘80s are currently coming back into kitchen makeovers. Think mirrored backsplashes, brass accessories and high-gloss surfaces. These items are more elegant and refined than before, but they are definitely the way to go in designer kitchens. The ‘80s look will incorporate natural materials and leave the plastic look behind, but the overall sense of style is similar. The shiny look might come across as more muted with satin finishes on the brass. It's not as glaring as it was in the ‘80s, but its presence is there.

Range Hoods Made from Metal

Metal finishes in kitchen refacing were all the rage last year. This year, the trend continues, but it has moved into the range hoods instead of into the fixtures. The fixtures were a small way to incorporate metal, while the range hood takes a much larger stance for the material. Metal range hoods can give your muted kitchen a burst of color and contrast that sets is apart as a modern kitchen design. The best part of incorporating this trend is that it's easy and relatively inexpensive to put into action. It can bring a whole new element into an otherwise streamlined kitchen.

Integrated Living Spaces

The kitchen is the heart of any home, but it can also isolate the cook away from the family and visiting guests. This year's integrated living spaces bring the kitchen into the rest of the home. The cooking space becomes more accommodating by turning into a primary living space. Appliances are more hidden and integrated into the space so it looks more like an ordinary living area than a kitchen. Add a few comfortable seating areas, and the integration of the new kitchen is complete. The cook can become a part of the family or party once again without any problem at all.

Integrated Living Spaces

New Traditional Styles

Kitchens are taking on a simple design, and the same can be said about traditional kitchens. They feel cleaner when they use bold lines and take out the fussy details. Traditional designs are still popular, but homeowners have started using fewer frills in strategic, calculated locations. Kitchens turn out to look more deliberate with an emphasis on certain elements like the center island, cabinet crowns, range hoods and other areas. Traditional is still traditional, but it uses a lot more simplicity this year. Clear the clutter and let the kitchen design speak for itself in order to align with current styles.

New Traditional Styles

Texture Contrasting

When working on kitchen refacing, you might think one texture is enough. The trend this year, however, is to mix textures. Variations in texture rule this trend instead of using regular methods of contrast. Texture-on-texture designs have taken over contrasting colors and other items. It's not always a contrast in the textures themselves, but sometimes simply placing the same texture in a different direction to make a statement in a subtle manner that calls attention to detail. You no longer have to work with only one texture in one direction in order to create a stylish kitchen.

Midcentury Mod

The period design that has come about in modern furniture is trickling down to kitchens this year. You will see an increase in walnut islands and cabinetry as well as other styles that take on the look of the ‘60s. The minimalist trend embraces predominantly white palettes with light woods and no clutter. The no-fuss design is all about function and much less about decorations. Simplicity is vital in this stylish trend. The clean, white lines are bold and stand out because of their simple elegance.

Cabinet Lighting

Lights can make a room, and when it comes to a kitchen, the more lighting options, the better. Such kitchen trends show that homeowners no longer want to rely solely on ceiling lights and table lamps for illumination in the kitchen. They also enjoy low-voltage light tape strips as accent pieces above and below cabinets and sometimes even inside of them. LED lights are becoming the norm, and the recessed lighting can set the mood for different occasions and provide more lighting for the countertops. This newly popular lighting trend can add value to a home and make a kitchen stand out among other options.