Ok, we’ve already shared some Spring Cleaning must-do’s.  But there’s one room in the house that we think needs a little extra attention: The bedroom!  We spend so much time in this room that it’s important that your room is a relaxing place where you can rest your head at night.  That’s why we’ve dedicated a whole article just to spring-cleaning your bedroom.  A restful sleep is vital for optimal health, so we want you to ensure you’re giving your bedroom the attention it deserves.  Read our ultimate guide to spring cleaning your bedroom.

Strip Your Bedding

There’s nothing better than clean sheets.  Begin your bedroom spring-cleaning by taking everything off the bed, and putting it into the wash.  Use a mild detergent and follow the washing instructions on the labels.  Don’t forget to wash the duvet as well.   Just be sure all of the soap has been rinsed before putting it into the dryer.  You may need to run two cycles.


Wash Your Pillows

Check to see if your pillows can be machine-washed.  If so, it’s time to put those into your washing machine, too.  Clean them on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, and dry thoroughly in the dryer.  Pro tip: Put two clean tennis balls into the dryer as well to help bring back your pillow’s original fluff (this works for the duvet, too).


Conquer Your Clothes

Since you’re going to be switching from your winter to spring wardrobe, this is a good time to sort through your clothing and identify what you still wear, and what could be donated.  Put clothes for donation into a separate bag, and store winter clothes that you still wear in a sealable container.  When hanging your spring clothes in your closet, turn all of the hangers backwards to easily identify clothes that haven’t been worn by the end of the season.  (They’ll be the one’s still on backwards hangers when it’s time to put your winter clothes back in the closet.)


Clean All Surfaces

No speck of dust should be safe!  Dust all surfaces, clean windows, and wash or deep clean floors.  If you have carpets, be sure to use the smallest attachment on your vacuum cleaner to reach those tight spaces.  While it's tempting to rush through these tasks, it's a good idea to take your time here.  It’s these clean surfaces that really make a room shine.


Flip Your Mattress

If you don’t remember the last time you flipped your mattress, it’s probably time! Once your mattress has been flipped, give it a light dusting with baking soda to remove any odors, and keep your bed smelling fresh.  It’s a quick and easy way to have your mattress feeling like new again.


Update Your Linens

If you’ve been experiencing the cold weather that we’ve had on the east coast this winter, you probably have winter sheets on your bed.  With the arrival of spring, you can finally update them!  Bring out the lighter duvet, and cotton sheets and make your bed.  Store your heavier blankets and sheet sets in your linen closet.  Keep sheet sets together by putting them into an empty pillowcase.


Congrats! You’ve made it through our spring-cleaning bedroom checklist.  A clean and tidy room will ensure you’ve got a restful place to lay your head at night – and that’s not only good for a little relaxation.  Getting a good night’s sleep is important for your overall health, too.

Happy Cleaning!