Organizing is simple when you’re not on a budget. There are many different types of containers and drawers you can purchase at your favorite discount department or home improvement store, but unfortunately, many of these home organizers will take a chunk out of your budget. The good news is that there are cheaper alternatives you can make yourself! Here are a few.


1. Upcycle cans and tins

Empty tins are perfect to hold scissors, pens and other craft supplies. Not only do they not cost a thing, but you can also customize the covers so that they match the décor of your room!

Upcycle cans and tins


2. Build a laundry room pegboard

Do you find your brooms and mops are constantly falling over? Simply decorate a narrow, long pegboard and mount it to your wall. There, you’ll create a one-stop shop for all your cleaning tools.
Build a laundry room pegboard


3. Use magnetic spice jars

Here’s a cool idea from One Lucky Pickle. Attach magnets to the bottom of baby food jars and attach them to a magnetic white board and you have a unique (and cost-effective) space to store all your spice!
Use magnetic spice jars


4. Turn an ice cube tray into a jewelry holder

There are many cheap and easy ways to store your favorite bracelets and earrings, however, using an ice cube tray has got to be one of the cheapest and easiest.  To make it more aesthetically pleasing, some stores sell colored ice cube trays. If you can’t find any options other than the classic white tray, you can always use spray paint to customize it to a color of your choosing!


5. Use a tension rod for cleaning product storage

Install a tension rod in the cabinet underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink, then hook on your most frequently-used spray and scrubbers for quick and easy access.
Use a tension rod for cleaning product storage


6. Repurpose an old CD rack to store plastic storage lids

Remember that old CD rack you bought in the ‘90s that’s currently collecting dust? Dust it off and use it as a handy storage container for your plastic storage container lids, allowing you to stack the containers themselves neatly in your cupboard.
Repurpose an old CD rack to store plastic storage lids


7. Turn a suitcase into a coffee table

Do you have access to a vintage suitcase? If so, you don’t have to be that handy—or that crafty—to make this easy suitcase coffee table. Instructables has an easy step-by-step guide on how to make one. It will not only become a convenient source of storage, but will quickly become a conversation starter whenever you have guests over.  Turn a suitcase into a coffee table


8. Divide your dresser drawers with cardboard

Next time you find a large cardboard box lying around your house, don’t throw it in the recycling! Instead, cut it up to create handy dividers for your dresser. It’s an easy way to keep your clothing organized so you’ll never have to pull all your clothes out in order to find your favourite sweater.
Divide your dresser drawers with cardboard


9. Build a side table with books

Do you own a bunch of books you don’t plan on reading? If so, you should give them a second life by building this practical and stylish piece of DIY furniture!
Build a side table with books


10. Wine rack office organizer

Take a stackable wine rack and cheap plastic cups as a handy way to store all your essential office and craft supplies!
Wine rack office organizer