The next time you see a pallet lying on the side of the road, pull over!  These beautiful do-it-yourself pallet projects are so pretty, people will never guess that you actually made these pieces on the cheap.  It is possible to be stylish without spending a fortune.  Read on to get inspired by the top 10 DIY pallet projects.


1. Pallet Wood and Pipe Dog Bed

Give your furry friend a beautiful place to relax.  This pallet dog bed can be made in a weekend, and requires a pallet, some basic tools, pipefittings, a dog bed (or foam and fabric to make your own), and some chalk paint.  As noted on The Charming Farmer, beer is optional (but recommended). Hey, it’s the weekend!Pallet Wood and Pipe Dog Bed


2. Pallet Wall

This rustic look is a big trend in home decor - and, for the adventurous, can be created on the cheap with some pallet wood and a few weekends of hard work.  Disassembling the pallets, removing any nails, and sanding the boards takes a lot of time, but it’s well worth the effort.  See the full step-by-step guide at Project Nursery.Pallet Wall


3. Pallet Multi-Purpose Chest

Whether you’re planning to use this chest as seating/storage in an entryway, a toy chest for the kids, or blanket storage in the bedroom, you won’t regret it.  This chest fits well into almost any decor, especially since you’re able to choose the handles and paint colors yourself!  [101 Pallets]Pallet Multi-Purpose Chest


4. Raised Pallet Garden Bed

A raised pallet garden can help keep pesky weeds and grass away from your plants and flowers, giving them more space to grow - and ultimately meaning less yard work for you.  Sure, you need to spend a few hours up front building the framework for your raised garden, but the results are worth it.  Visit Busy Creating Memories for the tutorial.Raised Pallet Garden Bed


5. Pallet Wood Bookshelves

It’s hard to believe these cute bookshelves can be made from an old wooden pallet!  Give your kids some extra storage - and amp up their room’s style factor in the process.  We love the addition of the knobs on the front of the shelf for hanging sweatshirts, lunch bags, and whatever else in easy reach.  Where The Smiles Have Been has the full tutorial - and even walks you through how to install your bookshelf once it’s complete.Pallet Wood Bookshelves


6. Pallet Wood Signs

Creatively display a favorite quote, song lyrics, or simple silhouette using this easy pallet signs tutorial.  Weekend Craft walks you through the steps to designing your own unique pallet artwork - from how to create your stencils, to painting on your design.  No matter how much you want to check out your work, wait until the paint is dry before peeling back the vinyl!Pallet Wood Signs


7. Pallet Wood Christmas Trees

Easy to make and perfect for the holidays, these pallet wood Christmas trees would be a great addition to your festive decor - both outside and indoors.  Napkins and mod podge are used on the patterned areas, while paint was dry brushed on the remaining sections of the tree.  Once that dried, buttons were super glued onto the tree as ornaments.  View the full tutorial on HomeTalk.Pallet Wood Christmas Trees


8. Living Wall Pallet

Just because you don’t have much outdoor space, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a little garden of your own.  In fact, this do-it-yourself living wall pallet could be the perfect solution!  Enjoy fresh herbs year round, and add some natural beauty to your space in the process.  All of that greenery can help to reduce stress, purify the air, and even dampen noise pollution.  Get the tutorial from Beers and Beans.Living Wall Pallet


9. Pallet Wood Vases

Take apart a pallet, or simply visit your local hardware store for some 1x6 pine boards.  Build your vases by putting the boards together, securing them with a nail at each corner.  Paint them with the color or stain of your choice, and seal it in by adding a coat of varnish on top. Visit Unique By U for the tutorial.Pallet Wood Vases


10. Pallet Patio Day Bed

Why invest in expensive patio furniture, when you can make your own instead?!  This beautiful pallet day bed can be made for a fraction of the cost of buying a patio set - and will probably be more comfortable, too.  Four pallets form the foundation of this rustic piece.  If you happen to have more lying around, you can make a pallet end table, too! [Lovely Greens]

Pallet Patio Day Bed