Working from home can be a challenge, but the right home office will have you looking for reasons to spend time at your desk!  Read on to see 10 home offices that you’ll never want to leave.


1.  The Corner

Who said working from home won’t land you the corner office?!  This corner space is bright, beautiful, and perfect for getting things done.  The chandelier and pop of color from the desk and chair provide just the right amount of visual interest to a cheerfully neutral space.

the corner


2.  Beautiful Built-Ins

If you’re handy - and have the space - built ins can make a wonderful home office backdrop.  The shelving allows ample space for storage, and the bright accent color incorporated behind the unit helps to separate the office space from the rest of the room while providing visual interest.

beautiful built ins


3.  Inspirational

Though the space may be small, this home office packs a big punch!  Well organized desk and wall space ensure your notes are easy to find, while the window on the right of the photograph means there’s plenty of natural light.  Best of all, the large quote over the desk will keep you on task - and is an easy DIY. inspirational


4.  Library

It would be hard not to find inspiration in a home office like this one!  With brightly covered books filling the shelves, lots of storage space to keep papers and documents out of sight, and a beautiful wooden table-turned-desk, I certainly wouldn’t mind working long hours in this colorful space. library


5.  Ikea Upgrade

This simple IKEA desk got a serious upgrade by adding a touch of gold to the interior.  With its simple accessories, and cheerful floral prints, this home office would be an easy one to fit into almost any space.
ikea upgrade


6.  Lots of Light

The abundance of natural light that flows into this space makes it the perfect home office to get plenty of work done.  The neutral hues, and wooden beams on the ceiling are calming, peaceful elements that will have you feeling relaxed, no matter how stressful your day may be.
lots of light


7.  Shared

These days it’s not uncommon to have more than one computer in the house - and this office space is perfect for work-at-home parents and kids to share.  The large chalkboard wall in the back is a great place to keep track of deadlines and activities, while the symmetry of the matching desks and seating is easy on the eyes. shared


8.  Black and White

A small office like this one can be squeezed into a large master bedroom, or placed at one end of a living room.  The desk itself is a beautiful furniture piece, and the drawers make it easy to keep your office supplies out of sight.  Plus, the bold stripes provide the perfect classic backdrop - and give the illusion of having more space. black and white


9.  Long Table

This long table makes a wonderful workspace - one that’s large enough to share, or spread out notes and drawings.  Lining your desk with your favorite photographs, knick-knacks and other things that inspire you will help keep the ideas flowing as you work from home.
long table


10.  Clean Lines

This sleek home office is both beautiful, and functional.  We’re loving the square black calendar on the wall for keeping track of meetings and appointments, the ample drawer space, and the white folders.  The contrast and crisp clean lines are perfect - as are the photographs hung up with black washi tape.clean lines