On Christmas Day, the site of piles of used wrapping paper is all too familiar for most of us. Often these paper remnants of your Christmas celebrations are relegated to the recycling bin, but with some creativity, there are ways you can transform your leftover holiday wrap. Here are a few ideas.


1. Shred it into paper confetti

Use a paper shredder to turn your Christmas wrap into some festive confetti for your next party. This stuff is guaranteed to make a mess, but it does help add some flare to your New Year’s Eve!
Shred it into paper confetti


2. Create a party banner

You can cut the leftover paper into triangles and stick them to seam binding for a cheap and easy party decoration.Create a party banner


3. Line Plain Bookshelves

Give your boring bookshelf some personality by gluing any remaining wrapping paper to the back of the bookshelf. This is a simple way to add color to any room.Line Plain Bookshelves


4. Make wrapping bows for throughout the year

Cut your remaining Christmas wrapping paper into strips and transform them into unique bows that will be sure to impress the recipient even before they’ve opened up their present. 100 Layer Cake has created an easy step-by-step guide to creating these unique gift toppers.
Make wrapping bows for throughout the year


5. Create some colorful origami

Unleash your creativity by transforming your leftover wrapping paper into beautiful works of art. You can either let your imagination go wild or go with one of these simple origami patterns.

Create some colorful origami


6. Make tiny envelopes for gift cards

With gift card giving becoming increasingly popular, making small envelopes for those gift cards is a great way to use up leftover wrapping paper. Here’s a tutorial from Poppytalk on how to make this DIY packaging. You can easily adapt it to create a larger sized envelope.

Make tiny envelopes for gift cards


7. Say thanks

Attach your leftover wrapping paper to a piece of plain white computer paper to create a stylish thank you card. Create a set of 12 so that you will a unique set of blank greeting cards to give family and friends throughout the year.

Say thanks


8. Make a unique Christmas ornament

Start to get ready for next year’s festivities by using this year’s wrapping paper to create stunning one-of-a-kind homemade Christmas decorations such as this star ornament.  Make a unique Christmas ornament


9. Make a bookmark

Use your leftover wrapping paper to create a special gift for the booklover in your life. Simply cut out a piece of cardboard into a bookmark shape (here are some great patterns) and then trace the wrapping paper using the same pattern and glue that piece of wrapping paper to the cardboard. Using a hole punch at the top of the bookmark, attach a braided tassel to the top of the bookmark. Make a bookmark


10. Design cardboard tube artwork

Don’t let the empty wrapping paper rolls go to waste! After you’ve finished up all your remaining wrapping paper, create unusual wall art using the leftover cardboard tubes. Simply cut up the tubes into equal-sized pieces and attach them to a blank white wall with double-sided tape. Let your imagination go wild!Design cardboard tube artwork