We usually spend most of our time in the bathroom when we first wake up, and before we go to bed. This is why it is so important to create the right ambiance in this space. If you have an outdated bathroom that needs redecorating, or are wanting inspiration on how to refresh this room, then look no further. Here are the top interior design trends for bathrooms this year.

Showers With French Doors

Installing beautiful french doors for your shower gives it a much more chic look compared to the standard curtain. The doors still keep the water from spilling onto the floor, so they serve a valuable purpose as well as being a luxury piece of decor. You can find french doors suitable for your shower in a range of designs, so there's bound to be ones that match the rest of your interior design. For example, the black frame for these doors perfectly compliments the modern monochrome look of this bathroom.

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Colorful Tiles

In a bathroom, the walls are commonly plastered with white subway tiles. Now although this design might appear simple and clean, it's also very uninteresting. In 2017, the latest trend in tiles is color. Whether it's block color or patterns, these types of tiles can instantly brighten up a room and create a cheery vibe. You don't have to feature the entire colors of the rainbow for this trend, just a simple splash of one or two colors will be enough to make a statement. These vintage blue tiles are focused in one area of the bathroom, with a neutral palette surrounding it to make them stand out.  It's also a pretty sight to behold when taking a shower, so if you're feeling grouchy in the morning, this design should lighten up your mood.

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Black and White Floor Tiles

Black and white bathroom floor tiles were previously a trend decades ago, and now it's making a style comeback. This classic design is available in various patterns and materials, making it suitable for practically any bathroom. Regardless of what color palette you have in your home, these beautiful and retro tiles will easily compliment them. Neutral toned bathrooms benefit from this design the most, as it can add some much needed color to the room without being too overpowering. What makes them even greater is that they're very affordable. So if you wish to refresh your bathroom and are worried about the cost, try out these tiles for size.

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Vanity Mirrors

Another way you can refresh your bathroom affordably is by making low cost tweaks. One of the popular design trends in 2017 is vanity mirrors, which you can easily buy at a cheap price. Compared to standard rectangular mirrors, the round shape is more visually appealing and creates a stylish focal point. You can hang a mirror up in seconds, yet this statement decor piece will add elegance to your bathroom for decades. For maximum impact, hang a round mirror above a rectangular vanity and sink. The placement of lights is also important to highlight the beauty of the mirror, so consider different lighting options. Classic wall sconces are a good form of lighting for the bathroom, and will look stylish placed either side of the mirror.

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Bathroom Plants

Plants are a great way to dress up your bathroom and can add some much needed color to a neutral interior design. The low light and humidity of this room creates an ideal environment for many houseplants. Ferns and Sansevieria are wonderful plants for the bathroom as they are able to purify the air and create a healthy air humidity. For a luxury spa feel, the orchid is a beautiful plant choice, which enjoys warm and humid conditions. Place it on a window ledge or by the sink to create an interesting focal point that you can look at while relaxing in the tub.


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Rustic Bathroom Vanity

The traditional design of a wooden vanity offers style and elegance to any bathroom. Add a rustic element to your home by choosing a vanity with a distressed wood finish. The natural warm colors will help to create a cozy atmosphere, while the weathered appearance will continue to improve with age. This gorgeous style of vanity is a huge trend this year but with it's timeless design it's bound to be a top trend for a long time.

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Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding bathtubs offer the look and feel of a luxury spa experience in your own home, so it's no wonder they are trending. From vintage, traditional tubs to modern sleek designs, there are many different freestanding versions to choose from. You will need to have plenty of space to accommodate this type of tub, but if you're able to fit one in, it will make a great focal point in your bathroom.

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Wall Art

Bathroom wall decor is commonly associated with having a sea theme, but that doesn't have to be the case. The trend for this year is eye-catching wall art you wouldn't normally expect to find in the bathroom. Modern prints and unusual artwork are very popular in 2017 and will look great against a plain wall. When shopping for wall art to hang in your bathroom, just apply the motto, the quirkier the better, to help you find the right piece of artwork.

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One Trend That is Out - All White Bathrooms

We've covered trends that are currently 'in', but it's also worth noting what is 'out'. Despite all-white bathrooms offering a clean and crisp look, they also risk being plain and boring. If you have a neutral bathroom, you can easily inject some visual interest by incorporating some of the top trends of this year. Even just adding one of the trending ideas will be enough to lightly refresh the look of your room.

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