If you're looking to spruce up your home this holiday season we have you covered. From the high-tech homeowner to the busy dog walker to the shower singer in your family, there are several gifts you can buy that will not only impress the gift receiver, but those who come to visit you over the holidays. Check out these top 10 cool and unique gift ideas that will leave everyone with a smile on their face this Christmas.Top Holiday Unique Gifts For the Home


1. Light-fixture

If tech is your thing, you may want to consider purchasing the Kuna Light Fixture for outside your front door that lets you see and speak to visitors from your cell phone. The light has an HD camera and microphone and sends motion-activated alerts via a cell phone app when someone is at your door. The free app allows you to record and download footage from the camera. You can also get a camera-free version of the light. Light-fixture


2. Music Lover

You can enjoy music from your computer or your phone on any stereo in your home with Chromecast Audio. This device hooks up to a stereo and connects to your phone, tablet or computer via Wi-Fi. The free Chromecast app will allow you to group several of the devices together and play music in several rooms of your home. Music Lover


3. Drink App

The Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending is the perfect gift for a host or hostess. The free app lets you pick your recipe from a library, set your glass on the scale and follow the Perfect Drink's instructions. The scale monitors how much you pour, alerts you when to stop and automatically adjusts the recipe if you poured too much. You can also mix your own drinks and save the recipes in the app to create your own signature cocktail. Drink App


4. Green Thumb

Many of us have a hard time keeping plants alive. Well, not anymore. Flower Power is a sensor that monitors your plants' health and tells you when they need something. You can actually plant the device next to the plant you want to monitor and select the type of plant from the free app to get the measurements of soil moisture, fertilizer amount, temperature and light intensity. Flower Power will send the data to your phone or tablet every two hours and will send you a note when the plant needs help. Green Thumb


5. Bamboo Cutting Board With iPad Stand

We have all likely used our tablet to look up recipes but having it in the kitchen while cooking can be dangerous. Well, now it just got a little safer. The Bamboo cutting board has a removable stand to keep your iPad above the mess while cooking so you don't spill anything on it. It also comes with a bamboo stylus so you can use the device without touching it with dirty hands.Bamboo Cutting Board and iPad Stand


6. Han Solo Fridge

If you have a Star Wars fan to buy for this holiday season, look no further than the Han Solo Fridge, built to look like a carbon freezing chamber with Han Solo trapped inside. It's the perfect way to store your refreshments while watching Star Wars films. It holds up to 18 cans of soda but can also acts as a food warmer.Han Solo


7. Picky Eater

The perfect gift for a not-so-perfect eater is the Construction Plate with utensils. The dining set is designed to fit with the construction equipment utensils so kids can place the spoon in its slot and then use the bulldozer pusher to load it with food. The divided plate will keep their food from mixing, which is a problem for many picky eaters.Picky Eater


8. Grill Master

Have a man who loves to bbq? Why not buy him the iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer? The useful gadget has two temperature probes that are inserted into the meat and hooked up to a receiver that sends the meat's temperature to your phone via a free app. The app actually tracks the food's progress and alerts you when the food reaches your desired temperature.Grill Master


9. Wet Karaoke

Know someone who likes to sing in the shower? Their talent just got a little help with the Kohler Moxie Showerhead, which pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream your favourite music along with the water. The water-resistant speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery with a seven-hour life and can be charged with a power cable.Wet Karaoke


10. Dog Power

This cool device – known as iFetch - was actually invented by a teenager who wanted to finish his homework while his dog bugged him to play fetch. Ifetch will let your dog play all by himself when you can't do it. It works by launching a miniature tennis ball a certain distance. Your dog runs to catch it and then drops it back into the machine, which will throw it again.Dog Power