We all dream of having a beautiful, organized home, but for most of us, clutter is unavoidable. If you feel like your rooms are permanently in a messy situation, there is an easy and cheap solution to clear it up. And we don’t mean throwing everything out (phew!). It’s actually painting. With just a splash of a color, you can easily fool the eye and create a stylish, clean looking home. Try out these strategic paint tricks which are guaranteed to visually declutter each room in your home.


Make a Statement With a Bold Colored Door

Stop your eyes wandering around the room and seeing the mass of clutter surrounding you, with the clever distraction of paint. A bold pop of color on a door will immediately draw your attention to it, causing you to ignore your messy surroundings. Choose bright hues such as a sunny yellow, as this is not only eye catching but should easily uplift your mood if you’re feeling gloomy about the mess.

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Keep it in The Color Family

Avoid brash, contrasting colors and keep it in the family. The color family that is. If you feature majorly dramatic changes in hues, this can create a distracting space which negatively draws your attention to any clutter in the room. Warm neutrals work wonderfully in a living room and significantly enhance the cozy and relaxed atmosphere of the space. Other color families you could consider are oranges and tans, cool neutrals, or the sunny mix of orange yellows, yellows and green yellows.

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Choose a Paint Color From Your Biggest Pieces

When deciding on a paint color, take a look around your room to see which shade is used by your largest piece of furniture. This could be anything from the bed in your bedroom to the sofa in your living room. Paint your walls the same hue as your furniture and be amazed as your largest piece of furniture recedes into the space, making your room look less cluttered. In this bedroom for example, the walls have painted a subtle shade of gray to match the headboard and chairs, creating a visually clean room.

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Only Use Solid Colors on Walls

Although you may be tempted by the pretty patterns you see on wallpaper, they are no good if you want to create a clutter free environment. When strategically used, patterns can make a great impact, but on the walls they often look chaotic. Stick to solid paint colors for all of your walls to prevent a messy looking background. As a healthy compromise, limit your patterns to a few pieces such as furniture or cushions instead.

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Be Careful With Pastel Hues

Soft light shades were popular back in the 80’s, and thanks to their soothing quality, it’s no surprise that they’re still a favorite today. However you need to be extra cautious when choosing your pastel hues, as some shades can actually make your room look dingy. To avoid this risk, source colors that don’t carry yellow, gray or brown undertones. If you don’t know your undertones from your elbow, there’s no need to worry. Visit your local paint center to ask their advice about paint undertones, and they should happily help you out. It is their job after all.

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Use Light Colors in the Least Messiest Rooms

If you’ve been paying close attention to your Marie Kondo books, and successfully made at least one room clutter free, then you deserve a huge pat on the back. It’s hard to maintain a clean and organized home, so congratulations! Now the next step is embracing your pristine look, with complimentary paint colors. White, cream and really light hues are all great choices as these help keep your eyes focused on the rest of the room’s features. An indoor plant or a decorative lampshade are wonderful accents in a minimalist room, as it prevents the room from looking bare and devoid of personality.

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Create a Gallery Wall

If you look at the walls of your living room you’ll probably see the faces of your friends and family staring back at you from framed photographs. We’re not saying that you need to take them down, as it’s important to create a cozy space which reflects your personality. However the danger of having an assortment of pictures, art or other objects in frames, is that they can look like a chaotic mess. To bring order to the room, paint one wall with a dark or bright color, and place all of your framed images on it to create a stunning gallery wall. You’ll notice the sharp contrast from the paints helps put a spotlight on your lovingly selected artwork and photographs, and makes them truly stand out. Finish off the look, by housing the framed pieces within a striking border created out of white frog tape.

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Raise Your Ceilings With a Lighter Color

When it comes to interior design, ceilings aren’t exactly considered the main focus of the room. But they should be. With the right paint color they can make a huge impact in regards to the spacious feel of a room. Whichever shade you decide to paint your walls, opt to paint your ceilings a tone or two lighter. This will make the ceilings appear higher, and create the illusion of a large and bright space, which is a great trick if you have a messy floor.

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Draw Attention to Furniture

If you’ve got interesting pieces of furniture with spectacular curves and shapes, then bring attention to them, by painting the walls a contrasting color. By having your eyes immediately drawn to the furniture you won’t notice any unsavory clutter. Dark wood stands out brilliantly against powder pink, robin’s egg blue and lavender. While gleaming white furniture works better with saturated colors.

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Paint the Sky on the Ceiling

Recreate the fresh, airy atmosphere of the outdoors by painting a delicate shade of powder blue on the ceiling. As you lie in bed and look up, you will no longer be distracted by your messy surroundings. This is because the entrancing light hue of blue will give the illusion of a cloudless sky, helping you to relax as you go to sleep.

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