If you’ve been meaning to give your home a little update, we’ve found a lot of good potential projects that can be tackled in a weekend.  No need for contractors, vacation days, and drawn out construction, these top DIY projects can all be completed in about 48-hours or less.


1. Give Your Bookshelf a Makeover

It’s the stenciling part of this DIY project that takes the most time, but get it right, and you’ll have a beautiful bookcase to brighten any room in your home.  Clean off your bookcase, choose a contrasting color to paint on your stencil and get to work! [Lolly Janebookshelf makeover


2. Make Your Own Curtains

If, like me, you find it almost impossible to bring home those perfect curtains, maybe it’s time to make your own.  Yes you’ll need to do a little sewing (or enlist the help of a talented friend or family member) but the results are well worth it.  You get to pick your own fabric, and save money in the process! [Two Twenty Onemake your own curtains


3. Free Up Cupboard Space

Hanging pots and pans from a rack suspended from the ceiling isn’t just stylish - it also frees up valuable storage space.  Learn how to create this rustic storage ladder with an upcycled ladder, and some basic materials.  Woman’s Day has the tutorial. free up cupboard space


4. Add a Kitchen Backsplash

Think you’re not handy enough to upgrade your kitchen solo?  Think again!  Peel and stick backsplashes, like the one pictured, make installation a breeze.  The kit comes with everything you need - including the tools - and the grout is premixed, saving you time, money, and mess! backsplash


5. Update Old Chairs

Bring new life to your old chairs with some updated fabric, and maybe even a fresh coat of paint.  You don’t need a sewing machine to reupholster basic chairs - just a free weekend, a staple gun, a drill, and a few other easy-to-find supplies. update old chairs


6. Pamper Yourself with Homemade Soap

Oats are soothing, anti-inflammatory, and work as an exfoliator - and they’re the feature ingredient in this homemade soap!  Try the tutorial from Essentially Eclectic, and then treat yourself by enjoying all of your hard work.  With the holidays coming, keep in mind that homemade soaps can also make great gifts.

homemade soap


7. Make Your Own Solar USB Charger

If you’re an avid camper, this homemade solar USB charger is a great weekend DIY project.  With some basic tools, and materials that can be found at your local hardware store, you can create a solar charger with enough juice to charge your phone. solar usb charger


8. Build a Giant Scrabble Board

Board game fanatics will enjoy this DIY outdoor scrabble game!  Finishing the game entirely will admittedly take more than one weekend, however, you can break up the steps into weekend-worthy tasks, and have your game ready to go when the warmer weather returns.  Get the details from Sunset.com.build a giant scrabble board