TVs Top 5 Hottest Home Improvement Hunks From 2014

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By: Lisa Evans
Published: February 20, 2014
Last Update: February 7, 2023

We first published this article back in February 2014. Take stroll down memory lane and have a look back at who made our list of the Top 5 Home Improvement Hunks back then.


Sure, those home improvement and design programs are great for getting new ideas when it comes to renovating your house.  But aside from the aesthetically pleasing style tips, plenty of these T.V. shows offer another form of eye candy – their hunky hosts.  From muscular carpenters to guys who can quite literally bring new life to a dying space, these hosts are sexy, skilled and ready to tackle any home improvement disaster.  Click “next” to see our picks for the TV’s top 5 hottest home improvement hunks.

1. Chip Wade

With piercing eyes and a love for design, building, and renovation Chip is an expert craftsman who can work his magic in any room of the house.  The host of Elbow Room comes from a long line of experienced carpenters and woodcraftsmen, honing his skills by working with his father at a young age.  Chip currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and son.


2. Ahmed Hassan

Growing up on a California alfalfa farm, landscape designer Ahmed Hassan developed a love for anything outdoors – and it shows in his ability to turn an overgrown space into a living oasis.  With a solid educational background in ornamental horticulture, irrigation, soil science and pruning, Ahmad is a popular expert contributor on a few home improvement shows, and is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most sought-after young landscape designers.


3. Anthony Carrino

This guy’s not afraid to spend a little time in the kitchen.  As the co-host of HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins, with real-life cousin John Colaneri, Anothony co-founded a construction company 10-years ago.  However, he wasn’t always in the family business.  Anthony graduated from Babson College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in entrepreneurship and information systems, and even started his own web development company while he was still in school.


4. Jamie Durie

This award-winning landscape designer, television host, and company founder is not only passionate about the outdoors – he’s doing what he can to save it.  Australian-born Jamie Durie is an advocate for preserving our natural surroundings and environmental future, and has even trained with former Vice President Al Gore as a Climate Change Ambassador.  He regularly participates in environmental lectures around the world.  Is it hot in here, or is it just Jamie?


5. Scott McGillivray

His natural charm, wit – and fabulous hair – make Scott McGillivray a natural host.  But it’s his all-around contracting skills and ability to turn a damp, moldy basement into a chic apartment that really sets Scott apart.  Investing in his first property with a friend while in university and renting it out to fellow students, Scott has spent nearly 10 years turning real estate into real income.  Best of all, he’s quick to share his knowledge with first-time homeowners as the host of Income Property.


With good looks and talent to spare, we’d definitely recommend checking these guys out – and their shows too, of course – when you need a little design inspiration.