Your backyard doesn't have to be a place you avoid when you are looking for a little bit of peace and quiet. In fact, it should be the first place you go to when you want to relax and unwind from your busy day. But, for this to happen, you want it to be as private as possible. You don't want your neighbours looking out their window and see you sprawled out on your hammock or sunbathing on your deck right? To avoid those possibly embarrassing moments, consider our list below to create your own hidden oasis in your backyard.


1. Garden is Your Friend

You likely already have plants and flowers in your backyard. For privacy, try growing them in raised beds or berms. This will instantly help your space feel more secluded, even by just arranging the soil a couple feet higher than normal. This will put medium-sized plants at eye level, blocking unwanted looks from every angle. Tall trees are also a great way to incorporate a privacy screen.  Add Privacy to Your Backyard Space


2. Lattice

If fencing in your backyard isn't your thing, try lattice. This will provide that much needed privacy without making your area feel too closed off. A lattice fence is also perfect for growing climbing roses or vines, not to mention lattice panels are much less expensive than an actual fence.Lattice


3. Hedge

This is perhaps one of the most popular ways to create privacy without building a fence because it not only blocks people's views, it looks gorgeous in any backyard. Make sure you purchase evergreen varieties that will provide year-round screening for you. You can also look for ones that lose their leaves in the winter but give you flowers in the fall. Hedge


4. Be Creative

Putting up a fence doesn't have to look ugly and claustrophobic. If you want to create privacy with a fence, try and make it look a bit different. That means adding unexpected materials to your fence or decorating it with cool and unique architecture. Plexiglass is a great example because it will stop people from seeing into your backyard but will also let the light pass through. It’s also cool to use old antiques you have lying around to decorate your fence and make it one-of-a-kind.  Be Creative


5. Mix It Up

Your backyard is YOUR backyard, so do whatever you want to it to create your unique space. You don't have to have it looking like every other backyard in your neighbourhood. Feel free to mix it up and add a fence on one side, a hedge on the other or a raised garden. Large trees on one side are also a great way to block views, while giving you shade as an extra bonus. You can even add a wooden fence to one area and a wrought iron one to another area that you would like to be able to see through. Remember, it’s your backyard. Do what you want.  Mix It Up


6. Containers

If you have a small backyard, big containers are a great way to create privacy. Fill the containers will tall plants or trees to create the desired amount of privacy. Palm trees, for example, are great ways to hide views from others while creating a resort-like setting in your backyard. Containers


7. Hide-and-Seek

If you don't have the money to create a privacy structure, use what you have on hand. If you have a garage, let the walls do the privacy for you by setting your barbecue or eating area behind the walls. If you have a forested area on a corner of your yard, place your table and chairs around it so no one can see you. Hide-and-Seek


8. Simple Serenity

Before you go out and spend a lot of money on a privacy fence, think about exactly where you want to feel secluded from your neighbors. If you spend most of your time in one area, focus on that. A fence or privacy screen doesn't have to go along the entire perimeter of your yard. Use a panel or two just where you need it. You will get your desired privacy, while also saving money. Simple Serenity


9. Fountains

If you live in a neighborhood with lots of children who play outside, you will likely not only want privacy from people, but from the noise as well. Consider installing some water fountains, a stream or other water features to help muffle the unwanted sounds. You can also look for plants, such as quaking aspen, or other ornamental grasses, that make a rustling sound in the wind. Fountains


10. Vines

You have so many options when it comes to choosing vines for your backyard. But, whatever you decide on, you will be sure to get the privacy you want. You can plant a climber vine to cover your existing fence, use it to dress up a boring, old wall, or plant traveling vines to offer you more privacy. It's a cheap and easy way to turn your backyard into your own private sanctuary.Vines