There is no better first impression to your home than an inviting foyer. Figuring out how to make a functional entryway is the best way to maintain this welcoming space that invites your family and guests alike into the home.


1. Coat Rack

This is a great place to quickly take off your coat and hang your purse when you are in a rush in or out of the house. This is also handy when you have guests over to have them hang their own coats.Coat Rack


2. Ottoman with storage

Not only do you need an ottoman for sitting on to take your shoes off, but having a little extra storage for your dog’s leash or hats and mitts right where you need it, is a great use of multi-purpose furniture.Ottoman with storage


3. Side Table

We often leave or enter the house with our arms full! It’s convenient to have a spot to put things down as you get dressed for the outdoors and are still within arm’s reach. This is also a nice place to put an ornament of vase of flowers that make the right impressions.Side Table


4. Key Rack

Having a place to keep your keys can make finding them when you are rushing out of the door a breeze. It can stop you from losing your keys in deep coat pockets or at the bottom of your bottomless purse.Key Rack


5. Baskets

To stop your entryway closet from becoming a dumping ground or an unorganized mess, use the top shelf of your closet to put baskets where you can store your gloves, scarves and hats. They are nice and easy to pull down to look in without any of the unsightly mess.



6. Shoe Racks

We have all gone over to a friend or family member’s house and opened the door to a big pile of shoes, which you have to step around or trip over. Make organizing shoes a little easier by having a shoe rack.Shoe Racks


7. Mail organizer

Have a small tray or basket where you can drop incoming unopened mail, this way you see the mail as you come in the house and do not end up with a large pile of papers that are unorganized and eventually get forgotten.Mail organizer


8. Message Center

If you have a young family it can be useful to have a family message center with either a small white board or chalk board to leave little messages to one another.Message Centre


9. Set Limits

The entryway can quickly become an area where too many shoes, coats and accessories can accumulate over time. As a child we always have a limit of 5 pairs of shoes each at the foyer. This way only the essential shoes and coats are kept where they need to be handy and you change them up depending on the season or your schedule.  Keep your best shoes and coats in your closet where they will stay in pristine condition.

Set Limits