Hardwood flooring comes in many styles giving you many options for creating your perfect look.

Hardwood Flooring is a Clean Option

One of the primary benefits of hardwood flooring is that's clean and safe in virtually any room of your home. Unlike carpet, hardwood doesn't hold onto harmful bacteria and germs, and cleaning hardwood floors is much easier than is cleaning carpet. Wood floors, even engineered hardwood flooring, contains fewer chemicals than carpet and doesn't leave the air lingering with scents that can exacerbate allergies. In fact, wood floors are a much safer choice for people with allergies and asthma because they cut down the particulates hanging out in your home. The maintenance on a hardwood floor is also easier than carpet. Cleaning hardwood floors with approved solutions and a soft mop keeps it clean and prevents wear and tear.

Hardwood is a Clean Option

Low Maintenance Materials and Cheaper Costs for Hardwood Floor Repair

As mentioned above, the maintenance on hardwood flooring is much simpler than on carpet. Keeping up hardwood flooring requires very little when it comes to equipment and effort. You can easily sweep the floors, then mop them to keep them clean. Additionally, cleaning up spills and stains is much easier on wooden floors than it is on carpet. You can usually wipe up liquid spills with a soft cloth then give them a swipe to prevent stickiness and staining. On the other hand, when something gets spilled on carpet, it can leave behind discoloration and smells. When wood floors are damaged, they can often be sanded and re-stained to fix the problem, whereas damaged carpet will have to be completely replaced because you can't simply patch the ruined area. Experts say it is rarely necessary to completely remove and replace an entire wooden floor, and hardwood floor repair is a much more viable and affordable option.

Low Maintenance Materials


Many people choose engineered hardwood flooring when purchasing a new home because it is more eco-friendly than carpet and lasts much longer. Wood is a natural resource, which means it can be regenerated, making it a much more ecological choice than the synthetic fibers used to make carpet. One popular choice is bamboo, which grows quickly, allowing the materials to be regenerated so there is no worry about decimating the material. Discount hardwood flooring is easy to find and gives you a variety of options that are affordable and let you create the look and feel you want in your house. Wood floors are ideal for pretty much any room in your home, including kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and basements. Most experts recommend against using wood on bathroom floors due to moisture concerns. The indoor air quality in a home with wooden floors is also much better than that in a house with carpet. Wooden flooring also requires less energy to produce, so that's another perk for people who are eco-conscious.


Look and Feel of Wood

One of the main benefits of hardwood flooring is because of how it looks and feels in your house. Wood floors never go out of style and always looks good in your home. Even discount wood flooring is a great choice because it saves money, lasts for many, many years and provides the perfect look in your home. With the many colors of wood stains, the various grain options and the range of patterns, you can create a beautiful and creative look in your house without breaking the bank. Many homeowners actually remove carpet to uncover hardwood or have hardwood flooring installed in place of carpet. Wood flooring also increases the value of your home, so you can install it to make some cash when you decide to sell.

Improved Acoustics

Acoustics refers to how sound travels inside the rooms of your home. Experts say that wood floors reduce vibrations and hollow sounds and are ideal for your media rooms or anywhere you listen to music or watch television. Wooden floors enhance the effectiveness of your sound system and improve the way sound moves throughout the space. This is why many dance studios and recording studios utilize hardwood flooring over carpet or other materials. You can choose a wide range of patterns and colors, so matching the hardwood to the decor in your space amplifies the sound benefits and melds the floors with the look of your room.

Cost of Hardwood

While the cost of hardwood is usually more than carpet up front, you will save money overall. Hardwood floor repair is usually less than carpet repair because you rarely have to replace the entire floor, and sanding and smoothing can often repair any damage to your wood. Carpet will have to torn out completely and replaced if any portion of it becomes damaged. Wood floors also last much longer than carpet, so replacing your floors won't need to happen very often, if at all, when you choose wood over carpet. Maintenance and cleaning of wood is also simpler and less expensive than that of carpet. Instead of need a vacuum cleaner, you can rely on a simple mop and floor cleaner. Cleaning wooden floors is easier than carpet as well. Discount hardwood flooring can save you some money while also giving you the look you want. This is one of the key benefits of hardwood flooring.