When you want to protect your home, you need to purchase the best home alarm system to cover your needs.

The Best House Alarm System for You

The Best Home Alarm System for You

Alarm systems vary. If you want the best one for your home, take these items into consideration.

Cost of a Security Alarm System

When you are looking at a house alarm system, you want a system that will function well and operate as necessary. But you also have to take cost into consideration. You are always going to have a budget, and the wireless alarm system won't do you much good if you spend too much money and then can't afford to operate it. There are three basic elements that go into the cost of a security alarm system. First, the upfront cost of the actual system and its installation. Some installations should be done by professionals while others are more do it yourself. Professional installation can run several hundred dollars while DIY is free but requires a time investment. Second, the subscription costs of some alarm systems need to be taken into consideration. If you hire a company to monitor the home alarm 24/7, that carries a monthly fee. Those fees are generally in the $20 to 60 range and vary by company. Third, equipment costs vary based on what you purchase. You will get a break in monitored systems because you usually get the equipment free or at a reduced rate in exchange for signing a monitoring contract. If you buy a system outright, you will pay at least $100 for the equipment and probably much more if you get top of the line items.


If you decide that the best home alarm system comes with a contract from a security company, it is good to understand what goes into those contracts. Some contracts are more flexible than others, so make sure you read through the terms and understand them before you sign anything. It is also a good idea to read online reviews to get an idea of how satisfied other customers are with the service. You will want to know the length of the contract, which is usually 2 to 3 years, depending on the company. Some companies allow you to cancel the contract within the first two weeks if you are not happy, but after that, you are stuck for the duration. There are also terms included in any house alarm system contract. Pay attention to the fine print, including cancellation clauses, equipment warranties and other details you need to know. Your contract will also include portability details. Most companies will allow you to move your equipment to a new home and keep up the current contract. If you think you might move during the length of the contract, check to confirm that relocation is a possibility within the terms.


Installation Process

When you purchase a wireless alarm system of any kind, there are three options for installation. You can have it professionally installed, do it yourself or can hire a third party installer. Complex alarm systems often require a professional installation. If you buy a security alarm system that needs to be hardwired into the house, you might need professional help. Or if you just want to ensure that the system is set up right, a professional is always a good idea. You will have to pay several hundred dollars for a professional installation, but some companies offer discounts on installation rates. If you choose to do it yourself, many systems are easy enough to install. You will just need to take the time to read through the manual and place your sensors correctly so they will operate as necessary. If you don't want to do it yourself and you don't want the company to do it for you, you can also hire a local handyman to do the jon at an hourly rate. This is a good option if you get a simple system but don't want to take the time or put in the effort to do the installation on your own.

Installation Process

Monitoring and Add-ons

There are a variety of ways to monitor your security or fire alarm system once it is installed. Depending on the type of system you get, you could monitor it over the Internet, your phone line or your cell phone. Internet monitoring is generally inexpensive, and if you have an internet outage or are somewhere else and don't have the internet, you will be cut off from monitoring. The phone line, when connected to a landline, can connect you to your monitoring company. However, your system will not work if the phone line is cut. Monitoring through the cell phone connection is the most expensive, but it is also the most secure option. Once you think about how you want to monitor the security and fire alarm system, you will also have to think about the add-on features that are available to you. You can get a great deal of different equipment added on when you sign a monthly contract. You can also get monthly plans that range from bargain monitoring through the Internet to plans that have all the bells and whistles. Depending on what you can afford, there are also service upgrades and downgrades to help you meet your service needs as part of the the best home alarm system.